E.S.G. (Houston, US-based gangsta rapper)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Gorilla Music E.S.G. 4:26
Gotta Do What I Gotta Do E.S.G. 3:36
Gotta Shine E.S.G. 4:44
Grand National E.S.G. 4:22
Grippin' Grain E.S.G. 4:20
Grippin' Grain ESG & Slim Thug 4:21
Gs & Jackas (feat. Crime Boss & Devios) E.S.G. 4:34
Guerilla Music E.S.G. 4:30
H-Town Z-Ro feat. Slim Thug, H20 & E.S.G. 5:33
Here We Come E.S.G. & Slim Thug 3:35
Hold On E.S.G. ?:??
Hold Up E.S.G. 4:10
Hold Up Z-Ro feat. Big Pokey & E.S.G. ?:??
How Many Hoes E.S.G. 4:27
How We Swang E.S.G. 4:20
Hustle Time Big Pokey & E.S.G. 4:42
I Know I Should Change (feat. Devios & Kalo) E.S.G. 5:10
I Luv Niggaz (feat. Lil Swift) E.S.G. 4:55
I Miss You (Chopped & Screwed) H.A.W.K., E.S.G., Mafio, Lil' 3rd & Botany Boyz ?:??
I Need A Freak Freestyle DJ Screw feat. Too $hort & E.S.G. 10:57
I Should Hate U E.S.G. 4:08
I Should Hate You E.S.G. 4:33
I'm a Beast E.S.G. feat. Brandon Stack, A.G. & Mr. Que 6:36
I'm the Boss E.S.G. & Slim Thug 4:17
If It Aint One Thing It's Another E.S.G. 5:15
If You Wanna Ride With Us E.S.G. 4:37
If You Wanna Ride With Us E.S.G. feat. Slim Thug & Brandon Stack 4:31
In My Cadillac E.S.G. 4:33
In My Cadillac Bun B feat. E.S.G. ?:??
In My Cadillac E.S.G. feat. Bun B & Slim Thug 5:31
Interlude E.S.G. 1:31
Interlude E.S.G. 0:53
Interlude E.S.G. 0:38
Interlude Flow E.S.G. & Killa B 1:09
Intro E.S.G. 1:58
Intro E.S.G. 1:49
Intro E.S.G. 3:55
Intro E.S.G. 1:12
Intro E.S.G. 0:20
Intro (skit) E.S.G. ?:??
Isolated BeatKing feat. E.S.G. ?:??
Jail Cell Tales (feat. Devios) E.S.G. 5:19
Jumpin' On It E.S.G. ?:??
Keep Gettin It E.S.G. 4:04
Keep In Grindin E.S.G. 4:25
Lady Indo (feat. Kalo, Peppalotti) E.S.G. 3:46
Leanin Rapid Ric feat. Craig G, E.S.G. & A-3 4:55
Let 'em Know E.S.G. 4:59
Let Em Know E.S.G. 3:35
Lets Take a Toast Big Pokey & E.S.G. 2:16
Life of ESG Wreckshop Family feat. E.S.G. 4:32
Luv It How You Get It E.S.G. 4:18
Luv It How You Get It ESG & Too Short 4:20
Maan! Big Moe feat. E.S.G. & Big Pokey 4:04
Maan!! Big Moe feat. Big Pokey & ESG 4:06
Made Niggas Wreckshop Family feat. D‐Gotti, Dirty $ & E.S.G. 4:01
Making Mail Big Pokey feat. E.S.G. & Mussilini 4:38
Making Mail (Slowed & Chopped) Big Pokey feat. E.S.G. & Mussilini 6:28
Mash for Cash Wreckshop Family feat. D‐Gotti, Double D & E.S.G. 3:56
Mash for Our Cash E.S.G. & Slim Thug 3:58
Mobb Shit Big Pokey & E.S.G. feat. Mobb Style Family 3:01
Money and Power E.S.G. 5:05
Money Do 1st of the Month E.S.G. 1:36
Murder (outro) E.S.G. 3:00
Murder (outro) E.S.G. 2:26
Murder Weapon E.S.G. & Slim Thug 4:28
My Cadillac ESG, Bun-B of UGK & Slim Thug ?:??
My Cadillac (Chopped & Screwed) ESG, Bun-B of UGK & Slim Thug ?:??
My Real Niggaz E.S.G. 4:24
No Matter What E.S.G. 4:09
Not a Workout Song E.S.G. 3:41
Nu World Order Wreckshop Family feat. D‐Gotti, D‐Reck, Dirty $ & E.S.G. 4:29
Ocean of Funk E.S.G. 3:28
One Deep E.S.G. feat. Will Lean & Jade 5:07
Outro E.S.G. 0:19
Party Over Here Woss Ness feat. E.S.G. 3:59
Picture Perfect Wreckshop Family feat. D‐Gotti, Double D & E.S.G. 3:06
Pone Check E.S.G. & Slim Thug 1:01
Purped Out E.S.G. 4:43
R.I.P. E.S.G. 4:51
R.I.P. E.S.G. 3:51
Raise It Up ESG, Thug Dirt & C‐Note 3:41
Realest Rhymin' (feat. Lil' Flip) E.S.G. ?:??
Realist Rhymin' ESG & Flip 5:00
Represent Kay-K feat. Lil’ KeKe, E.S.G., Mike D, Trae tha Truth, Lil’ O & Paul Wall 6:08
Responsibility E.S.G. ?:??
Return of the Living Dead (feat. Dark Vador) E.S.G. 4:28
Revelation E.S.G. 4:24
Ride Out E.S.G. 3:34
Ride Wit Me Daz Dillinger feat. Esg & Slim Thug 3:51
Ride Wit Us E.S.G. 4:50
Ride Wit Us (Screwed & Chopped) E.S.G. feat. Chamillionaire & Bun B 5:25
Ride With You E.S.G. & Slim Thug 3:47
Rock On ESG & Doc Holiday ?:??
Rollin' E.S.G. & Slim Thug 3:51
Run the City Chingo Bling feat. Dirty J and E.S.G. 3:48
Ryde Or Dye Pymp Tyte feat. Dirty $, E.S.G. & Noke D 6:35
Sailin' Da South DJ Screw feat. E.S.G. 3:24
Sailin' Da South DJ Screw feat. E.S.G. 3:17
Sailin' Da South (intro) E.S.G. 1:56

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