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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Shit on Her Tits ?:??
Show Your Tits ?:??
Shut the Fuck Up 1:06
Skull Fuck ?:??
Sleep Bandit ?:??
Snake in Her Grass ?:??
Spit on Her Clit ?:??
Stealing Christmas Lights 2:19
Stroke of Genius ?:??
Suck Me Off ?:??
Suicide ?:??
Taste Like Piss ?:??
Thank God for Pussy ?:??
That Fuckin' Whore Gave You AIDS ?:??
The Buddyhead Song 1:40
The Crabs 1:00
The House of Debauchery 1:22
The Old Leave Behind ?:??
The Rest-A-Bit 0:33
The Stroke Booth 0:50
The Whoremons 0:49
Thousands of Dollars 0:45
Tit Fuck 0:41
Tom Thumb 2:24
Trip to the Gynecologist 0:46
Turn Off the Fuckin' T.V. (Program) 1:09
Vagetarian ?:??
Vibrator ?:??
Waiting on Lines ?:??
Warning 0:30
What the Fuck Do You Think Christina Aguilera is Doing Right Now? 1:19
What the Fuck Do You Think Christina Aguilera Is Doing Right Now? ?:??
Why Do You Hate Clowns? ?:??
Why Give Flowers? ?:??
Ya Gotta Treat Queens Like Whores ?:??
You Can't Just Shit 0:35
You're a Cunt ?:??

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