Don Pullen (Pianist)

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member of:The Charles Mingus Quintet (piano)
original eponymous member of:Don Pullen & The African-Brazilian Connection (piano)
The Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet (piano)
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Nobody Knows the Trouble I've SeenGeorge Adams/Don Pullen Quartet5:22
Ah George, We Hardly Knew Ya
At the Café Centrale
Double Arc Jake
In the Beginning
In the Spirit
Milano Strut
My Brothers
Resting on the Road
Saturday Night in the Cosmos
Song From the Old Country
1974-12-27Duke Ellington's Sound of LovepianoCharles Mingus12:11
1974-12-27Sue's ChangespianoCharles Mingus17:07
1974-12-27 – 1974-12-30Devil BluespianoCharles Mingus9:26
1974-12-27 – 1974-12-30Duke Ellington's Sound Of LovepianoCharles Mingus12:11
1974-12-27 – 1974-12-30Remember Rockefeller At AtticapianoCharles Mingus5:58
1974-12-27 – 1974-12-30Sue's ChangespianoCharles Mingus17:07
1974-12-28Devil BluespianoCharles Mingus9:27
1974-12-28For Harry CarneypianoCharles Mingus7:59
1974-12-28Remember Rockefeller at AtticapianoCharles Mingus5:58
1974-12-30Black Bats and PolespianoCharles Mingus6:22
1974-12-30Duke Ellington's Sound of LovepianoCharles Mingus4:15
1974-12-30Free Cell Block F, 'Tis Nazi U.S.A.pianoCharles Mingus6:56
1974-12-30Orange Was the Color of Her Dress, Then Silk BluepianoCharles Mingus17:32
1975-03-29Cry From the MountainpianoGeorge Adams7:29
1975-03-29Payday BluespianoGeorge Adams17:40
1975-03-29Requiem for a SlumlordpianoGeorge Adams8:40
1975-03-29You Name ItpianoGeorge Adams5:22
1976-07-28Blues By The RiverpianoGeorge Adams9:06
1976-07-28Melodic RapsodypianoGeorge Adams15:04
1976-07-28Suite For SwingerspianoGeorge Adams22:35
1977-02-24 – 1977-03-03Corner CulturepianoBilly Hart2:47
1977-02-24 – 1977-03-03Diff CustomspianoBilly Hart5:44
1977-02-24 – 1977-03-03Hymn for the Old YearpianoBilly Hart8:48
1977-02-24 – 1977-03-03Layla-JoypianoBilly Hart6:55
1977-02-24 – 1977-03-03PharoahpianoBilly Hart9:31
1977-02-24 – 1977-03-03Rahsaan Is BeautifulpianoBilly Hart4:31
1977-02-24 – 1977-03-03Shadow DancepianoBilly Hart7:43
1978-12CommunicationpianoDon Pullen10:38
1978-12ConversationpianoDon Pullen9:10
1978-12Curve Eleven (For Giuseppi)pianoDon Pullen13:16
1978-12Milano StrutorganDon Pullen7:28
1979-11-02 – 1979-11-03Autumn SongpianoGeorge Adams & Don Pullen8:57
1979-11-02 – 1979-11-03Don't Lose ControlpianoGeorge Adams & Don Pullen5:33
1979-11-02 – 1979-11-03Double Arc JakepianoGeorge Adams & Don Pullen15:47
1979-11-02 – 1979-11-03Places and FacespianoGeorge Adams & Don Pullen3:30
1979-11-02 – 1979-11-03Remember?pianoGeorge Adams & Don Pullen5:00
1980-08-03 – 1980-08-05DionysuspianoGeorge Adams/Don Pullen Quartet7:35
1980-08-03 – 1980-08-05Earth BeamspianoGeorge Adams/Don Pullen Quartet7:54
1980-08-03 – 1980-08-05Magnetic Love FieldpianoGeorge Adams/Don Pullen Quartet4:33
1980-08-03 – 1980-08-05More FlowerspianoGeorge Adams/Don Pullen Quartet5:34
1980-08-03 – 1980-08-05Saturday Nite in the CosmospianoGeorge Adams/Don Pullen Quartet6:35
1980-08-03 – 1980-08-05Sophisticated AlicepianoGeorge Adams/Don Pullen Quartet7:22
1982-06-06 – 1982-06-09DecisionspianoGeorge Adams & Don Pullen6:50
1982-06-06 – 1982-06-09God Has Smiled on MepianoGeorge Adams & Don Pullen3:23
1982-06-06 – 1982-06-09KahjipianoGeorge Adams & Don Pullen6:00
1982-06-06 – 1982-06-09Playground Uptown and DowntownpianoGeorge Adams & Don Pullen4:50
1982-06-06 – 1982-06-09Reflexions InwardpianoGeorge Adams & Don Pullen4:24
1982-06-06 – 1982-06-09Resolution of ConflictspianoGeorge Adams & Don Pullen6:32
1982-06-06 – 1982-06-09The CallingpianoGeorge Adams & Don Pullen6:36
1983-08-19Big AlicepianoGeorge Adams/Don Pullen Quartet17:44
1983-08-19City GatespianoGeorge Adams/Don Pullen Quartet17:40
1983-08-19Saturday Night in the CosmospianoGeorge Adams/Don Pullen Quartet11:25
1983-08-19The Great EscapepianoGeorge Adams/Don Pullen Quartet11:15
1983-09-28 – 1983-09-29Evidence of Things UnseenpianoDon Pullen11:37
1983-09-28 – 1983-09-29Victory DancepianoDon Pullen8:25
1983-12-28 – 1983-12-29In the BeginningpianoDon Pullen18:04
1983-12-28 – 1983-12-29PerseverencepianoDon Pullen4:04
1983-12-28 – 1983-12-29RejoicepianoDon Pullen1:00
1984-10-27 – 1984-11-15All the Things You ArepianoDavid Murray14:54
1984-10-27 – 1984-11-15David - MinguspianoDavid Murray11:43
1984-10-27 – 1984-11-15DeathpianoDavid Murray7:15
1984-10-27 – 1984-11-15TensionpianoDavid Murray8:17
1985-04-04 – 1985-04-05Flame GamespianoGeorge Adams, Cameron Brown, Don Pullen, Dannie Richmond, John Scofield11:28
1985-04-04 – 1985-04-05Forever LoverspianoGeorge Adams, Cameron Brown, Don Pullen, Dannie Richmond, John Scofield10:50
1985-04-04 – 1985-04-05I.J.pianoGeorge Adams, Cameron Brown, Don Pullen, Dannie Richmond, John Scofield8:03
1985-04-04 – 1985-04-05Song EverlastingpianoGeorge Adams, Cameron Brown, Don Pullen, Dannie Richmond, John Scofield11:23
1985-04-04 – 1985-04-05Well, I Guess We'll Never KnowpianoGeorge Adams, Cameron Brown, Don Pullen, Dannie Richmond, John Scofield8:23
1985-06-12 – 1985-06-13All Is WellpianoDon Pullen Quintet1:58
1985-06-12 – 1985-06-13GratitudepianoDon Pullen Quintet7:36
1985-06-12 – 1985-06-13In the BeginningpianoDon Pullen Quintet11:56
1985-06-12 – 1985-06-13Tales From the Bright SidepianoDon Pullen Quintet8:53
1985-06-12 – 1985-06-13The Sixth SensepianoDon Pullen Quintet9:46
1986-04-30A Time for SobrietypianoThe Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet9:45
1986-04-30Just Foolin' AroundpianoThe Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet6:20
1986-04-30Mr. SmoothiepianoThe Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet6:09
1986-04-30Song From the Old CountrypianoThe Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet8:15
1986-04-30The Necessary Blues (Or Thank You Very Much, Mr. Monk)pianoThe Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet13:35
1986-04-30We've Been Here All the TimepianoThe Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet9:10
1987-04-211529 Gunn StreetpianoThe Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet6:14
1987-04-21Another Reason to CelebratepianoThe Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet8:45
1987-04-21Serenade for SariahpianoThe Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet7:35
1987-04-21Sing Me a Song EverlastingpianoThe Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet10:32
1987-04-21Sun WatcherspianoThe Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet5:44
1987-04-21Warm UppianoThe Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet9:51
1988-12-16At the Café CentralepianoDon Pullen6:56
1988-12-16Jana's DelightpianoDon Pullen5:59
1988-12-16New BeginningspianoDon Pullen6:23
1988-12-16Once Upon a TimepianoDon Pullen5:52
1988-12-16Reap the WhirlwindpianoDon Pullen7:01
1988-12-16Silence = DeathpianoDon Pullen10:20
1988-12-16WarriorspianoDon Pullen6:50
1990-03-23626 FairfaxpianoDon Pullen6:43
1990-03-23Andre's Ups and DownspianoDon Pullen5:22
1990-03-23Endangered Species: African American YouthpianoDon Pullen7:39
1990-03-23Indio GitanopianoDon Pullen9:42
1990-03-23Ode to LifepianoDon Pullen8:40
1990-03-23Random ThoughtspianoDon Pullen9:08
1990-03-23The DancerpianoDon Pullen5:59
1991-05-30 – 1991-05-31At the Cafe CentralorganDavid Murray10:53
1991-05-30 – 1991-05-31Black FebruaryorganDavid Murray8:54
1991-05-30 – 1991-05-31Blues for SavannahorganDavid Murray7:27
1991-05-30 – 1991-05-31High PriestorganDavid Murray12:00
1991-05-30 – 1991-05-31In the SpiritorganDavid Murray9:50
1991-05-30 – 1991-05-31Milano StrutorganDavid Murray8:16
1991-05-30 – 1991-05-31Shakill's WarriororganDavid Murray8:38
1991-05-30 – 1991-05-31Song From the Old CountryorganDavid Murray7:02
1991-10-19Body and SoulpianoRoots - Arthur Blythe, Sam Rivers, Nathan Davis, Chico Freeman, Don Pullen, Santi Debriano, Tommy Campbell5:38
1991-10-19CottontailpianoRoots - Arthur Blythe, Sam Rivers, Nathan Davis, Chico Freeman, Don Pullen, Santi Debriano, Tommy Campbell7:18
1991-10-19ImpressionspianoRoots - Arthur Blythe, Sam Rivers, Nathan Davis, Chico Freeman, Don Pullen, Santi Debriano, Tommy Campbell10:12
1991-10-19Lester Leaps InpianoRoots - Arthur Blythe, Sam Rivers, Nathan Davis, Chico Freeman, Don Pullen, Santi Debriano, Tommy Campbell5:13
1991-10-19Parker's MoodpianoRoots - Arthur Blythe, Sam Rivers, Nathan Davis, Chico Freeman, Don Pullen, Santi Debriano, Tommy Campbell8:53
1991-10-19Red ToppianoRoots - Arthur Blythe, Sam Rivers, Nathan Davis, Chico Freeman, Don Pullen, Santi Debriano, Tommy Campbell8:31
1991-10-19St ThomaspianoRoots - Arthur Blythe, Sam Rivers, Nathan Davis, Chico Freeman, Don Pullen, Santi Debriano, Tommy Campbell10:23
1991-10-19You Don't Know What Love IspianoRoots - Arthur Blythe, Sam Rivers, Nathan Davis, Chico Freeman, Don Pullen, Santi Debriano, Tommy Campbell7:43 the same time as the subway train was pulling out of the station...organ and pianoKip Hanrahan5:19
1992-11Buddy Bolden's Bluesorgan and pianoKip Hanrahan9:46
1992-12-14 – 1992-12-15Ah George, We Hardly Knew Yakeyboard [keyboards]Roots12:15
1992-12-14 – 1992-12-15I Remember Eric Dolphykeyboard [keyboards]Roots9:40
1992-12-14 – 1992-12-15Linden Boulevardkeyboard [keyboards]Roots9:17
1992-12-14 – 1992-12-15Night Trainkeyboard [keyboards]Roots6:01
1992-12-14 – 1992-12-15Requiem for a Rabbitkeyboard [keyboards]Roots7:13
1992-12-14 – 1992-12-15Stablemateskeyboard [keyboards]Roots8:28
1992-12-14 – 1992-12-15Stolen Momentskeyboard [keyboards]Roots5:25
1992-12-14 – 1992-12-15The Party's Overkeyboard [keyboards]Roots6:41
1992-12-14 – 1992-12-15Walkin'keyboard [keyboards]Roots6:36
1993-02-18 – 1993-02-19Ah George, We Hardly Knew YapianoDon Pullen & The African-Brazilian Connection13:06
1993-02-18 – 1993-02-19Anastasia/PyramidpianoDon Pullen & The African-Brazilian Connection7:09
1993-02-18 – 1993-02-19Aseeko! (Get Up and Dance!)pianoDon Pullen & The African-Brazilian Connection6:32
1993-02-18 – 1993-02-19El MatadorpianoDon Pullen & The African-Brazilian Connection6:06
1993-02-18 – 1993-02-19ParatypianoDon Pullen & The African-Brazilian Connection9:03
1993-02-18 – 1993-02-19The Third House on the RightpianoDon Pullen & The African-Brazilian Connection5:03
1993-02-18 – 1993-02-19Variation on Ode to LifepianoDon Pullen & The African-Brazilian Connection12:00
1993-07-13Ah George, We Hardly Knew YapianoDon Pullen & The African-Brazilian Connection18:22
1993-07-13Aseeko! (Get Up And Dance!)pianoDon Pullen & The African-Brazilian Connection10:33
1993-07-13CapoeirapianoDon Pullen & The African-Brazilian Connection13:18
1993-07-13Kele Mou BanapianoDon Pullen & The African-Brazilian Connection14:24
1993-07-13Yebino SpringpianoDon Pullen & The African-Brazilian Connection16:37
1994-01-17 – 1994-01-181529 Gunn StreetorganDavid Murray Quartet6:53
1994-01-17 – 1994-01-18Blues SomewhereorganDavid Murray Quartet8:50
1994-01-17 – 1994-01-18Crazy TalesorganDavid Murray Quartet6:53
1994-01-17 – 1994-01-18For CynthiaorganDavid Murray Quartet8:25
1994-01-17 – 1994-01-18One for the DonorganDavid Murray Quartet8:16
1994-01-17 – 1994-01-18Shakill's IIorganDavid Murray Quartet11:12
1994-01-17 – 1994-01-18The Sixth SenseorganDavid Murray Quartet11:24
1994-07 – 1996-06Blonde Woman EscapespianoKip Hanrahan4:41
1994-07 – 1996-06Brown Eyed Woman EscapespianoKip Hanrahan1:20
1994-07 – 1996-06Hasheater in Judgement - And the Revival of the Thousand Pound ElephantpianoKip Hanrahan5:59
1994-07 – 1996-06Red Headed Woman Remains With the MerchantpianoKip Hanrahan4:41
1994-07 – 1996-06Sleeper AwakenedpianoKip Hanrahan5:17
1994-07 – 1996-06Woman's TrickpianoKip Hanrahan2:59
1994-07 – 1998-03Birds Through the Alabaster CeilingpianoKip Hanrahan1:26
1994-07 – 1998-03Ishaak of Mosul, His Mistress and the DevilpianoKip Hanrahan1:26
1994-07 – 1998-03Shahrazade Watches Birds Through an Alabaster CeilingpianoKip Hanrahan1:19
1994-07 – 1998-03The Jinniya Sleeps on the Alabaster Ceiling, the Coolness of the Stone...pianoKip Hanrahan1:19
1994-07 – 1998-03The Man Who Stole the Golden Plate From Which the Dog Had EatenpianoKip Hanrahan1:19
1994-07 – 1998-03The Tale of the Youth Behind Whom Indian and Chinese Music Was Played, and the Tale of the Jaundiced YouthorganKip Hanrahan9:34
1994-11The September Dawn Shows Itself to Elizabeth and Her Lover on East 18th Street in Manhattanorgan and pianoKip Hanrahan7:36
1994-11Within an Hour, in New Orleans, Charles Knows the Light's in the Room Without Even Opening His Eyesorgan and pianoKip Hanrahan0:57
Autumn LeavespianoHamiet Bluiett & Concept11:32
Before Yesterdayorgan and pianoHamiet Bluiett5:16
Better Get Hit in Yo' SoulorganMaceo Parker5:45
Children's WorldorganMaceo Parker10:48
Flux/A Bad M.F.organ and pianoHamiet Bluiett6:32
Happy Spiritorgan and pianoHamiet Bluiett14:35
Head Drakeorgan and pianoHamiet Bluiett7:50
Healing ForcepianoDon Pullen8:28
I'll Close My EyespianoHamiet Bluiett & Concept12:50
JohnpianoHamiet Bluiett & Concept18:08
Jumpin' the BluesorganMaceo Parker6:20
Keep On Steppin'pianoDon Pullen18:42
Mahalia... No Other Oneorgan and pianoHamiet Bluiett1:58
Oasis/ The WellpianoHamiet Bluiett40:58
Over the RainboworganMaceo Parker4:16
Pain InsidepianoDon Pullen15:52
People Get ReadyorganMaceo Parker5:57
Pretty TunepianoHamiet Bluiett35:38
R.B. (Dedicated to Ronnie Boykins)pianoHamiet Bluiett1:33
Sobre Una NubepianoHamiet Bluiett & Concept11:00
Sobre Una Nube (Over a Cloud)pianoHamiet Bluiett37:13
Spring's Joyorgan and pianoHamiet Bluiett4:47
The First and Last to Love Me (4, December)organ and pianoKip Hanrahan10:27
The PantherpianoRoots - Arthur Blythe, Sam Rivers, Nathan Davis, Chico Freeman, Don Pullen, Santi Debriano, Tommy Campbell8:44
Them That GotorganMaceo Parker3:57
Tracey's BluespianoDon Pullen8:32
Tune UppianoHamiet Bluiett18:32
Up and Down East StreetorganMaceo Parker8:16
Wide OpenpianoHamiet Bluiett & Concept11:21
Yusuf / SankofapianoHamiet Bluiett12:06
1995-03-08 – 1995-03-09Sacred Common GroundpianoDon Pullen
Cab Calloway Stands in for the MoonorganConjure
Kele Mou BanapianoDon Pullen & The African-Brazilian Connection
Mingus MovespianoCharles Mingus
Mingus MovesorganCharles Mingus
StickballorganCharles Williams
DionysusGeorge Adams/Don Pullen Quartet7:35
Earth BeamsGeorge Adams/Don Pullen Quartet7:54
Magnetic Love FieldGeorge Adams/Don Pullen Quartet4:33
More FlowersGeorge Adams/Don Pullen Quartet5:34
Saturday Nite in the CosmosGeorge Adams/Don Pullen Quartet6:35
Sophisticated AliceGeorge Adams/Don Pullen Quartet7:22
Cab Calloway Stands in for the MoonConjure
Within an Hour, in New Orleans, Charles Knows the Light's in the Room Without Even Opening His Eyes