James Holden (progressive trance producer)

~ Person


Horizons / PacificJames Holden12" Vinyl2
  • GB2000-11-13
Silver Planet RecordingsSILVER0245033154606564
HorizonsJames HoldenDigital Media3
Silver Planet RecordingsSILVER024
HorizonsJames Holden12" Vinyl2
One for YouJames HoldenCD3
  • GB2001-09-17
One for YouJames HoldenCD2
Direction Records (UK label specializing in Trance and House)
2002-01-20: BBC Radio 1 Essential MixJames HoldenDigital Media1
  • GB2002-01-20
Solstice / I Have Put Out the LightJames Holden12" Vinyl2
Silver Planet Recordingssilver40
Kaern TurnedJames Holden vs. Ben Pound12" Vinyl2
  • GB2002-05-30
Easy Access (Sublabel of Silver Planet Recordings)easy006
NothingHolden & ThompsonDigital Media6
  • XW2003-01-10
Loaded RecordsLOAD098D
NothingHolden & ThompsonDigital Media6
  • GB2003-01-10
Loaded RecordsLOAD 98D
NothingHolden & ThompsonCD3
  • GB2003-05-05
Loaded RecordsLOAD098CD5025425409851
NothingHolden & Thompson12" Vinyl3
  • DE2003-05-30
A Break in the CloudsHolden12" Vinyl4
  • GB2003-06-28
Border Community01BC5060065330127
Balance 005: James HoldenJames Holden2×CD16 + 14
  • AU2003-10-06
EQ Recordings (Australian dance sub-label of Stomp)EQGCD008823867482235
NothingHolden & Thompson2×12" Vinyl2 + 4
Loaded RecordsLOAD98, LOAD98X[none]
Come to MeHolden & ThompsonCD7
Loaded RecordsLOAD 105
Come to MeHolden & ThompsonCD-R4
2006-03-19: BBC Radio 1 Essential MixNathan Fake & James HoldenDigital Media1
  • GB2006-03-19
James Holden: At the ControlsJames Holden2×CD17 + 15
  • GB2006-03-27
Resist MusicRESISTCD59842694020595
2006-05-26: Solid Steel Radio ShowMr. Scruff & James HoldenDigital Media1
  • GB2006-05-26
At the ControlsJames Holden2×CD14 + 14
  • US2006-08-22
System RecordingsSYS 1090-2820997109025
The Idiots Are WinningHoldenCD10
  • GB2006-10-30
Border Community14BC5060065335214
The Idiots Are WinningHoldenDigital Media10
  • XW2006-10-30
Border Community14BCDA
NothingHolden & ThompsonDigital Media5
  • GB2009-02-05
Loaded RecordsLOAD 098DD
DJ-Kicks: James HoldenJames HoldenCD20
  • DE2010-05-24
Triangle FoldsJames HoldenDigital Media2
  • GB2010-05-25
Triangle FoldsJames Holden12" Vinyl2
DJ-Kicks: James HoldenJames HoldenCD20
10101 (Heartik Edit)James HoldenDigital Media1
  • ES2012-11-13
SuaraSuara Free 06
Gone FeralJames HoldenDigital Media3
  • XW2013-04-26
Border Community41BCD5051083070911
RenataJames HoldenDigital Media3
  • XW2013-06-10
Border Community43BCD
The InheritorsHoldenCD15
  • XW2013-06-16
Border Community40BCCD5051083070492
The IlluminationsHoldenDigital Media3
  • GB2013-08-25
Border Community39BCD
Circle Of FifthsHolden12" Vinyl3
  • GB2013-11-11
Border Community42BC
Circle Of FifthsJames HoldenCD-R3
Border Community42BC
MarhabaMaleem Mahmoud Ghania, James Holden, Floating PointsDigital Media4
  • GB2015-04-20
Border Community46BCD
Outdoor Museum of Fractals / 555HzJames Holden, Camilo Tirado / Luke AbbottDigital Media2
  • -2016-02-26
The Animal SpiritsJames Holden & The Animal SpiritsCD9
  • GB2017-11-03
Border Community50 BCCD5051083122559
The Animal SpiritsJames Holden & The Animal SpiritsDigital Media9
  • US2017-11-03
Border Community[none]
A Cambodian Spring OSTJames Holden12" Vinyl14
  • GB2018-01-25
Border Community49BC5051083131124
Three Live TakesJames HoldenDigital Media3
  • US2018-09-21
A Cambodian Spring OSTJames HoldenDigital Media14
  • XW2019-01-25
Border Community5051083131100
Long Weekend EPHolden & ZimpelDigital Media4
  • XW2020-03-06
Border Community53BCD
Imagine This Is a High Dimensional Space of All PossibilitiesJames HoldenDigital Media12
  • XW2023-03-31
Border Community5051083186025
One For YouJames HoldenDigital Media3Silver Planet RecordingsSILVER034
Come to MeHolden & ThompsonDigital Media6
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