1992Carnival of CarnageInsane Clown Posse55
1994RingmasterInsane Clown Posse53
1995Riddle BoxInsane Clown Posse54
1997The Great MilenkoInsane Clown Posse56
1999The Amazing Jeckel BrothersInsane Clown Posse54
2000BizaarInsane Clown Posse4.52
2000BizzarInsane Clown Posse3.52
2002The PendulumInsane Clown Posse43
2002The Wraith: Shangri-LaInsane Clown Posse52
2004The Wraith: Hell's PitInsane Clown Posse53
2007The TempestInsane Clown Posse3
2009Bang! Pow! Boom!Insane Clown Posse512
2012The Mighty Death Pop!Insane Clown Posse9
2015The Marvelous Missing Link (Lost)Insane Clown Posse32
2015The Marvelous Missing Link (Found)Insane Clown Posse42
2019Fearless Fred FuryInsane Clown Posse4
2021Yum Yum BedlamInsane Clown Posse2

Album + Compilation

1995Forgotten FreshnessInsane Clown Posse1
1997Mutilation Mix: Greatest Hits (That Were Never Hits)Insane Clown Posse2
1998Forgotten Freshness, Volumes 1 & 2Insane Clown Posse2
2001Forgotten Freshness, Volume 3Insane Clown Posse2
2002The Juggalo ShowInsane Clown Posse1
2002The Juggalo ShowInsane Clown Posse1
2005Forgotten Freshness, Volume 4Insane Clown Posse2
2007Jugganauts: The Best of ICPInsane Clown Posse2
2008Playlist Your WayInsane Clown Posse1
2009Bizzar / Great Milenko / Amazing Jeckel Brothers / BizaarInsane Clown Posse2
2010The Old ShitInsane Clown Posse1
2011Icon: Best of Insane Clown PosseInsane Clown Posse3
2011Featuring FreshnessInsane Clown Posse2
2013Forgotten Freshness, Volume 5Insane Clown Posse1
2014The First SixInsane Clown Posse1
201420th Anniversary Hallowicked CollectionInsane Clown Posse1
2015The Marvelous Missing Link: The OuttakesInsane Clown Posse2
2017Incredible Collectible Collection (Worthy of an Erection!)Insane Clown Posse1
2019Forgotten Freshness, Vol. 6Insane Clown Posse1

Album + Soundtrack

2002Big Money HustlasInsane Clown Posse2

Album + Remix

2006The Wraith: Remix AlbumsInsane Clown Posse2
2007The Tempest: DJ Mix KitInsane Clown Posse1
2012Smothered, Covered & ChunkedInsane Clown Posse1
2012Mike E. Clark's Extra Pop EmporiumInsane Clown Posse1


1994Fat Sweaty BettyInsane Clown Posse1
1994Dead PumpkinsInsane Clown Posse1
1995Mr. Rotten TreatsInsane Clown Posse1
1997Halls of IllusionsInsane Clown Posse2
1998Hokus PokusInsane Clown Posse3
1999Another Love SongInsane Clown Posse1
1999Fxck the WorldInsane Clown Posse1
2000Jacob's WordInsane Clown Posse1
2003HomiesInsane Clown Posse1
2011Leck mich im ArschInsane Clown Posse2
2012Freaky TalesInsane Clown Posse1
2018Wtf!Insane Clown Posse1
2019Fury!Insane Clown Posse1
20198 Ways to DieInsane Clown Posse, DJ Paul, Stitches1
2019Party at Our House (Big Ballas 2018 Exclusive)Insane Clown Posse1
2019The DarkInsane Clown Posse1
2022Insane Clown PosseInsane Clown Posse1
2024Ric Flair HairInsane Clown Posse1


1990Bass-ment CutsInsane Clown Posse1
1993Beverly Kills 50187Insane Clown Posse1
1994The Terror WheelInsane Clown Posse2
1994A Carnival ChristmasInsane Clown Posse2
1995Chicken Huntin'Insane Clown Posse51
1996Tunnel of LoveInsane Clown Posse2
1999Mad ProfessorInsane Clown Posse1
2000Hallowicked 2000Insane Clown Posse1
2000Dark Carnival Action Figures: Limited Edition EPInsane Clown Posse1
2005The CalmInsane Clown Posse2
2007Eye of the StormInsane Clown Posse2
2014House of WaxInsane Clown Posse2
2015PhantomInsane Clown Posse1
2018Willaby Rags Magical Bag of PoopInsane Clown Posse1
2018Hell's CellarInsane Clown Posse1
2019Flip the RatInsane Clown Posse1
2021House Party Peep ShowInsane Clown Posse1
2021Yum Yum's LureInsane Clown Posse1
2022Wicked Vic The WeedInsane Clown Posse1
2022Pug UglyInsane Clown Posse1
2023Woh the Weeping WeirdoInsane Clown Posse2

EP + Compilation

2023Yum Yum Total BedlamInsane Clown Posse1

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