Legal name: Mark Caro (UK drum n bass producer aka Technical Itch) (Mark Laurence Caro)

Also performs as: Secret Methods, T.I.C. (UK drum n bass producer Mark Caro)



1999DiagnosticsTechnical Itch2
2013Progression Threat – Part TwoTechnical Itch1
2014Progression Threat – Part ThreeTechnical Itch1
2017Digitally Ascended, Vol. 3Technical Itch1

Album + Compilation

2005Technical Freaks: Destruction RitualTechnical Itch & Dylan1


1996Can't You See / Contents of ForceTechnical Itch1
1996The Dreamer / Rough & ToughTechnical Itch1
1997Stronghold / Hidden SoundTechnical Itch1
1997The Dreamer (Future Forces remix) / CaptureTechnical Itch1
1997The Virus / Watch OutTechnical Itch1
1998Hidden Sound (Dom & Roland remix) / ProtectionTechnical Itch1
1998Secret Methods Vol. 1Technical Itch1
1998Secret Methods Vol. 2Technical Itch1
1999Led / ArcedTechnical Itch1
1999Atlantic State / Scythe (V.2)Technical Itch & Dieselboy1
1999Generation / VikingTechnical Itch1
1999Headlock / DeceptionDecoder / Technical Itch1
1999Trisyinate / ScopeTechnical Itch1
2000Dimensions / RelicTechnical Itch1
2001Penetration 1Technical Itch1
2001Penetration 2Technical Itch1
2002Penetration 3Technical Itch1
2002Destiny / ContaminateTechnical Itch1
2002Penetration 5Technical Itch2
2002The Rukus / NitronTechnical Itch1
2003The Calling / Signal TraceTechnical Itch & Kemal1
2003Penetration 9Technical Itch1
2003Penetration 10Technical Itch2
2003Soldiers / The GreenTechnical Itch feat. MC Jakes1
2003Penetration 8Technical Itch2
2003The Legend / QuadTechnical Itch vs. Dylan / Technical Itch vs. Trace1
2003The Risin'Technical Itch1
2004Soldiers VIP / Pressure Drop (Leon Switch & Kryptic Minds remix)Technical Itch1
2004Life of Sin / Dream StrikeTechnical Itch feat. MC Jakes2
2004Penetration 14Technical Itch2
2004Nothing / Ruff Rugged & Raw (Technical Itch remix)Technical Itch / Mason & Armanni Reign1
2005Inner Journey / HexTechnical Itch1
2005The Ruckus (Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch remix) / ReplicatorTechnical Itch1
2005Life of Sin (Limewax remix) / JudgeTechnical Itch feat. MC Jakes1
2005The Remix EPTechnical Itch, Dylan & Jakes1
2006Haunted / WraithTechnical Itch1
2006Raised by Evil / DemonTechnical Itch1
2006Retribution / The AncientsTechnical Itch feat. MC Jakes1
2006Know / ArrivalTech Itch / Headhunter1
2006DistortTechnical Itch1
2006Implant / 7th CurseTech Itch / Headhunter1
2007MetalTech Itch1
2007Winter / Stone BreakerTechnical Itch1
2007Claw / Hidden FacesTechnical Itch1
2007Cold Blood / AloneTechnical Itch1
2008Seven / SynTech Itch1
2009Shadow RevisitedTech Itch & Kemal / Cosmo & Dibs1
2009Soulstone / The KillTech Itch1
2009Death Jazz VIP / Devils HouseTechnical Itch1
2009Pressure Drop 2k9 / Cracking Core (Tech Itch VIP)Technical Itch feat. Jakes / Limewax1
2011The Stranger DestroysTechnical Itch1
2012Kymera / Take YouTechnical Itch1
2013Everything VIP / SemisationTechnical Itch, Limewax & Panacea1
Penetration 10Technical Itch0
Penetration 14Technical Itch0

Single + Remix

2001Atlantic State / Stack (Remixes)Technical Itch & Dieselboy1
2002The Rukus (D. Kay VIP) / Telekinetic (Black Sun Empire remix)Technical Itch1
2004The Calling (VIP)Technical Itch vs. Kemal1
2005Soldiers (D-Bridge VIP) / The Green (Mason remix)Technical Itch feat. MC Jakes1
2007Retribution (Audio remix) / Hex (Gein remix)Technical Itch feat. MC Jakes1


2000ParallaxTechnical Itch1
2000The Never After EPTechnical Itch1
2002Immortal Soul EPTechnical Itch1
2002The Risin' EPTechnical Itch1
2003Diagene EPTechnical Itch1
2007The 50th PlagueTechnical Itch1
2011The Cleansing Fire EPTechnical Itch1
2011Digitally Ascended Dubstep Vol 2Technical Itch2
2012The Failed Evolution EPTechnical Itch1
2013The Machine Mind EPTechnical Itch1
2014Progression Threat VIP EditionTechnical Itch1
2016Souls of Impatience EPTechnical Itch1

EP + Compilation

2009Digitally Ascended, Volume 1Droid Sector / Technical Itch2

Unspecified type

2004Penetration 13Technical Itch1
2009Death Jazz VIP / Devils HouseTechnical Itch1

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