Spark (classical band)

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members:Victor Plumettaz (cello) (2007 –)
Stefan Glaus (violin) (2008 –)
Stefan Glaus (viola) (2008 –)
Mischa Cheung (piano) (2011 –)
original members:Daniel Koschitzki (recorder) (2007 –)
Andrea Ritter (flautist) (recorder) (2007 –)
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Date Title Artist Length
Après un rêve Spark 3:12
Can't take my eyes off you Spark 4:10
Concerto op. 3/2 in G minor: I. Adagio e spiccato Spark 1:56
Concerto op. 3/2 in G minor: II. Allegro Spark 2:05
Concerto op. 3/2 in G minor: III. Larghetto Spark 2:21
Dinah's Night Flight Spark 2:08
Dreams Spark 5:09
Folk Tunes: Folk Tune Rhapsody I Spark 4:34
Folk Tunes: Kumru Spark 3:14
Groovebox Variations Spark 6:09
Harde Puntjes Spark 5:27
Harde Puntjes Robeat, Spark 5:33
Jack Spark 4:57
Meteor Spark 4:31
Nadia Spark 3:40
Nostalgie Spark 2:15
Sonatina from Actus Tragicus (BWV 106) Spark 2:58
Song and Dance Spark 5:56
Tango Heavy Spark 3:49
The journey has just begun Spark 3:32
Alpha Dog: I. Lively Spark 4:49
Alpha Dog: II. Moderate Spark 6:14
Alpha Dog: III. Interlude - Fast Spark 4:05
Beyoncé Spark 4:36
Candybox Spark 3:58
Candybox Spark 4:01
Concerto, RV 151: Presto Spark 1:24
Concerto, TWV 52:E1: Presto Spark 2:46
Cruiser Spark 3:18
Encore Spark 6:52
Silver Falls in the Heart of the Forest Spark 3:22
Songs in Other Words: Agitation Spark 2:07
Songs in Other Words: Dance of Rebels Spark 2:23
Songs in Other Words: Folk Song Spark 1:57
Songs in Other Words: Lost Happiness Spark 0:33
Songs in Other Words: Obsession Spark 1:00
Songs in Other Words: Restless Spark 1:05
Songs in Other Words: Venetian Gondola Song Spark 4:40
When the Cock Crowed His Warning Spark 4:51