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Date Title Artist
A Very Long Phase/Getting Lonnie (Gone Home)
At the New House/First Day of School (Gone Home)
Daniel (Gone Home)
Dedication (Gone Home)
Default Friends/Ship Date (Gone Home)
End Titles (Thirty Flights of Loving)
Equilibrium (Spacebase DF-9)
Gone Home (video game soundtrack)
Hanging Out With Girls/Dealing With Roots (Gone Home)
Harmony (Spacebase DF-9)
I Said Yes (Gone Home)
I'll See You Again (Gone Home)
In the Attic (Gone Home)
Just Gone (Gone Home)
Life Moves On (Gone Home)
Main Titles (Thirty Flights of Loving)
Momentum (Spacebase DF-9)
Prelude (Thirty Flights of Loving)
See You Soon (Gone Home)
Space Discovery (Spacebase DF-9)
Space Evolution (Spacebase DF-9)
Space Exploration (Spacebase DF-9)
Spacebase DF-9 (Video Game Soundtrack)
Stick With the Group (Gone Home)
The Approach (Spacebase DF-9)
The House, Part 1 (Gone Home)
The House, Part 1 (In-Game) (Gone Home)
The House, Part 2 (Gone Home)
The House, Part 2 (In-Game) (Gone Home)
The Moment (Thirty Flights of Loving)
The Nunnery (Gone Home)
The Settler (Spacebase DF-9)
Thirty Flights of Loving (Video Game Soundtrack)
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2013 – Gone Home: Original Soundtrack Chris Remo