Tipsy (US electronic lounge band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Night on the Town Tipsy 3:01
Ascender (Agartha) DJ QBert feat. Chad Hugo & Tipsy 2:53
Big Business Tipsy 3:03
Bloom (Plantoids) DJ QBert feat. Craig Abaya & Tipsy 3:08
Bunny Kick Tipsy 3:42
Bunny Kick (Your Mothers mix) Tipsy 3:53
Capitán Buzz Tipsy 2:52
Chocolate Moon Tipsy 2:22
Chop Socky Tipsy 2:52
Cinnabar Tipsy 5:05
Cinnabar (Hairsprayed Ways mix) Tipsy 4:37
Eclipse of the Sun Virgin Tipsy 3:13
El Bombo Atomico Tipsy 3:12
El Bombo Atomico (Pizza Del Sol mix) Tipsy 4:49
Electric Blue Eyelashes Tipsy 3:52
Evil Guitar Tipsy 3:02
Flying Monkey Fist Tipsy 3:49
Flying Monkey Fist (Drunken Head mix) Tipsy ?:??
Flying Monkey Fist (Golden Triangle mix) Tipsy ?:??
Fuad Ramses Tipsy 4:16
Fur Teacup Tipsy 3:05
Fur Teacup (Meret Oppenheim's Brazilian Wax remix) Tipsy 4:16
Good Little Demon Tipsy 3:31
Grossenhosen Tipsy 3:37
Grossenhösen (remixed by We) Tipsy 3:57
Hard Petting Tipsy 3:27
Hard Petting (Deeper mix) Tipsy 3:08
Hei (remix Gitarkin) Tipsy 4:09
Hey! Tipsy 2:49
Hey! Tipsy 4:07
Hey! Tipsy ?:??
Hot Banana Tipsy 3:08
Kadonka Tipsy 3:17
Kitty Takes a Ride Tipsy 2:56
Kitty Takes a Ride (Kitty mix Up) Tipsy 3:12
Kitty's Daydream Tipsy 2:35
Kitty's Daydream (Longhair mix) Tipsy 2:28
Lipstick Tree Tipsy 3:19
Liquordelic Tipsy 4:01
Midnight Party Tipsy 2:35
Moisture Seekers Tipsy 3:13
Mr. Excitement Tipsy 4:01
Mr. Excitement Tipsy 3:56
Mr. Excitement (Ms. Excitement) Tipsy 4:17
Ms Excitement (Curd Duca remix) Tipsy 4:19
Ms. Excitement (Curd Duca remix) Tipsy ?:??
Neon Tetra Tipsy 2:22
Nude on the Moon Tipsy 3:55
Nude on the Moon (DJ Friendly mix) Tipsy ?:??
Nude on the Moon (Naked Volleyball mix) Tipsy ?:??
Oops! Tipsy 3:45
Papaya Freeway Tipsy 2:53
Papaya Freeway (Cowboy mix) Tipsy 4:38
Pink Mood Tipsy 2:00
Popcorn Tipsy 2:28
Reverse Cowgirl Tipsy 3:05
Reverse Cowgirl (Preserved Cowgirl) Tipsy 6:08
Schatzi a Go Go Tipsy 2:55
Seaweed Tipsy 3:23
See the Beauty, Touch the Magic Tipsy 3:05
Something Tropical Tipsy 2:29
Something Tropical Tipsy 3:43
Something Tropical Tipsy 2:31
Space Golf Tipsy 4:00
Space Golf Tipsy 4:00
Space Golf (Balloon mix) Tipsy ?:??
Space Golf (Venusian Swing mix) Tipsy ?:??
Space Golf (µ-Ziq remix) Tipsy 6:23
Spectre (Moon Men) DJ QBert feat. Tipsy 3:19
Suez Motel Tipsy 3:22
Suez Motel Tipsy 4:04
Swallowtail Tipsy 2:38
Sweet Cinnamon Punch Tipsy 3:31
Sweet Cinnamon Punch Tipsy 5:13
Sweet Spot Tipsy 3:15
Swingin' Spaceman Tipsy 2:57
Tuatara Tipsy 5:28
Tuatara (remix) Tipsy 4:44
Ugly Stadium Tipsy 3:59
Up 'til Dawn Tipsy 2:53
Wet Rainbow Tipsy 4:44
Wet Rainbow Tipsy 3:09
Wig Out Tipsy 2:50
Wig Out Tipsy 5:34
XXXmas Tipsy 2:27
XXXmas (Roman Catholic mix by Antimatter) Tipsy 5:00
Zenith Tipsy 5:29
Zombie's Mood Tipsy 2:05

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