The Blues Band (British blues band)

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members:Gary Fletcher (British blues bassist/guitarist, songwriter) (bass guitar)
Tom McGuinness (guitar family)
Hughie Flint (until 1982: membranophone)
Rob Townsend (drummer of Family and The Blues Band) (from 1982 to present: membranophone)
original members:Paul Jones (singer, formerly of Manfred Mann, The Blues Band, was also in musical theatre) (harmonica, lead vocals)
Dave Kelly (British blues singer, guitarist and composer) (slide guitar, lead vocals)
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Back Door ManThe Blues Band4:24
Cold Emotions, Frozen HeartsThe Blues Band4:40
Come OnThe Blues Band2:52
Country Blues No. 48The Blues Band2:54
Down to the RiverThe Blues Band5:50
Fat CityThe Blues Band5:26
Help MeThe Blues Band3:56
I Can’t Tell It AllThe Blues Band4:02
Killing Me by DegreesThe Blues Band3:40
Long Time GoneThe Blues Band5:04
Longing for You BabyThe Blues Band3:39
Maggie’s FarmThe Blues Band3:17
So LonelyThe Blues Band3:53
The Duisburg BluesThe Blues Band4:10
Too Bad You’re No GoodThe Blues Band4:01