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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Frozen Madonna 5:26
Frozen Madonna 5:05
Frozen Madonna 5:30
Frozen Madonna 5:01
Frozen Madonna 4:21
Frozen Madonna 5:20
Frozen Madonna 5:06
Frozen Madonna 5:50
Frozen Madonna 5:22
Frozen Madonna feat. Kraftwerk 5:25
Frozen Madonna 5:09
Frozen (2009 Celebration remaster) Madonna USWB10903624 5 6:18
Frozen (Ambient mix) Madonna 6:44
Frozen (edit) Madonna USWB19800002 5 5:11
Frozen (extended club mix) Madonna 11:21
Frozen (extended club mix) Madonna 11:20
Frozen (extended club mix) Madonna 11:19
Frozen (extended club remix) Madonna USWB19800120 11:21
Frozen (Harlem-mix) Madonna 6:51
Frozen (Meltdown mix) Madonna USWB19800121 8:10
Frozen (meltdown mix) (long version) Madonna 8:13
Frozen (Stereo MC's edit) (part of My Paradise DJ mix) Madonna 4:44
Frozen (Stereo MC's mix) Madonna 5:49
Frozen (Stereo MC's remix) Madonna USWB19800119 5:49
Frozen (Stereo MC’s remix) Madonna 5:49
Frozen (widescreen mix) Madonna 6:33
Frozen (widescreen mix) Madonna 6:02
Frozen Waterdrop (MDB’s forgotten ambient mix) Leama & Moor vs. Madonna 4:08
Frozen Waterdrop (MDB’s forgotten vocals ambient mix) Leama & Moor vs. Madonna 4:54
Funky Oldie Mix Madonna ?:??
Future Love / I Feel Love Madonna 8:01
Future Lovers Madonna USWB10504913 3.5 4:51
Future Lovers / I Feel Love Madonna 8:01
Future Lovers / I Feel Love Madonna 8:02
Gambler Madonna USGF19906304 3:55
Gambler Madonna 5:34
Gambler Madonna ?:??
Gambler Madonna 3:55
Gambler (extended dance remix) Madonna 5:34
Gambler (instrumental remix) Madonna 3:54
Gang Bang Madonna USUG11200443 4.5 5:26
Gang Bang (live, MDNA World Tour) Madonna 5:54
Get Down Madonna 3:45
Get Down Madonna feat. Otto von Wernherr 3:47
Get Down Madonna GBAJE9300078 7:22
Get Down Madonna & Otto von Wernherr 3:48
Get Down Madonna & Otto von Wernherr ?:??
Get Down Madonna 3:47
Get Down (edit mix) Madonna GBAJE9300069 3:40
Get Down (edit mix) Madonna & Otto von Wernherr ?:??
Get Gogether Madonna 5:20
Get Into the Groove Madonna 5:28
Get Stupid Madonna ?:??
Get Stupid (medley) Madonna ?:??
Get Stupid (medley) (live, Sticky & Sweet Tour) Madonna USWB11000270 3:04
Get Together Madonna USWB10504911 3.25 5:31
Get Together Madonna 5:17
Get Together Madonna 3:56
Get Together Madonna 5:22
Get Together Madonna 3:55
Get Together Madonna 3:57
Get Together (album version) Madonna USWB10504973 5:18
Get Together (Confession Tour studio demo 2006) Madonna ?:??
Get Together (Danny Howells & Dick Trevor KinkyFunk mix) Madonna USWB10602348 9:12
Get Together (Hitmixers Dub) Madonna vs. The Hitmixers 6:16
Get Together (Hitmixers Instrumental) Madonna vs. The Hitmixers 6:01
Get Together (Hitmixers Remix) Madonna vs. The Hitmixers 7:43
Get Together (Jacques Lu Cont mix) Madonna 6:17
Get Together (Jacques Lu Cont mix) Madonna USWB10602236 6:19
Get Together (Jacques Lu Cont vocal edit) Madonna 4:24
Get Together (James Holden remix) Madonna USWB10602350 8:03
Get Together (radio edit) Madonna USWB10602187 3:59
Get Together (radio edit) Madonna 3:57
Get Together (Tiefschwarz remix) Madonna USWB10602349 7:34
Ghosttown Madonna USUG11401963 4:08
Ghosttown Madonna 4:10
Ghosttown Madonna 4:07
Ghosttown Madonna 4:10
Ghosttown Madonna 4:11
Ghosttown (Armand Van Helden remix) Madonna 6:16
Ghosttown (Dirty Pop intro remix) Madonna 5:20
Ghosttown (DJ Mike Cruz Mix Show edit) Madonna 7:05
Ghosttown (DJ Yiannis String Intro mix) Madonna 1:40
Ghosttown (Don Diablo remix) Madonna 4:47
Ghosttown (Mindskap remix) Madonna 5:35
Ghosttown (Offer Nissim Drama remix) Madonna 7:17
Ghosttown (Paul Andrews Reconstruction Mix) Madonna 4:10
Ghosttown (Razor n Guido remix) Madonna 7:46
Ghosttown (RedTop's If I Were A Carpenter Remix) Madonna 5:51
Ghosttown (S-Man mix) Madonna 6:08
Ghosttown (THRILL remix) Madonna 6:27
GHV2 Megamix (Johnny Rocks & Mac Quayle club mix) Madonna 8:17
GHV2 Megamix (Thunderpuss extended club mix) Madonna 4:47
GHV2 Megamix (Thunderpuss long edit) Madonna 4:19
GHV2 Megamix (Thunderpuss original version) Madonna 4:51
GHV2 Megamix (Thunderpuss short edit) Madonna 3:33
Girl Gone Wild Madonna USUG11200444 4.65 3:43
Girl Gone Wild Madonna 3:43
Girl Gone Wild Madonna 3:44
Girl Gone Wild Madonna 3:45

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