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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Bitch I’m Madonna Madonna feat. Nicki Minaj USUG11401961 5 3:47
Bittersweet Madonna 2:12
Bittersweet (Chopped Out Choprah mix) (part of My Paradise DJ mix) Madonna 3:03
Blah Blah Blah vs. Hung Up Ke$ha vs. Madonna 4:28
Body Shop Madonna 3:39
Body Shop Madonna 4:24
Borderline Madonna USWB19901324 3 4:00
Borderline Madonna 5:22
Borderline Madonna 6:59
Borderline Madonna 3:57
Borderline Madonna 3:56
Borderline Madonna 3:45
Borderline Madonna 3:58
Borderline Madonna ?:??
Borderline (2001 remaster) Madonna USWB19902985 5:21
Borderline (2009 Celebration remaster) Madonna USWB10903611 3 3:59
Borderline (live video, Sticky & Sweet Tour) Madonna ?:??
Borderline (dub remix) Madonna 5:43
Borderline (edit) Madonna 4:00
Borderline (extended dance remix) Madonna 6:56
Borderline (US remix) Madonna 6:57
Borrowed Time Madonna 3:25
Britney Don't Do It Madonna 6:15
Britney Don't Do It (Remix) Madonna 3:54
Buenos Aires (Evita, 1996 film cast) Madonna USWB19600668 4:09
Burning Up Madonna 4:06
Burning Up Madonna 3:46
Burning Up Madonna 3:40
Burning Up Madonna 4:45
Burning Up Madonna 4:18
Burning Up (2001 remaster) Madonna USWB19902986 3:45
Burning Up (2009 Celebration remaster) Madonna USWB10903621 3:44
Burning Up (Alternate Mix) Madonna 4:48
Burning Up (12" version) (2001 remaster) Madonna USWB10100096 6:00
Burning Up (extended version) Madonna 5:53
Burning Up (remix edit) Madonna 3:55
Bye Bye Baby Madonna USWB19200060 3 3:56
Bye Bye Baby Madonna 4:26
Bye Bye Baby Madonna 4:37
Bye Bye Baby Madonna 4:24
Bye Bye Baby Madonna ?:??
Bye Bye Baby Madonna 3:59
Bye Bye Baby (live, Girlie Show, 2nd September 1993) Madonna 4:27
Bye Bye Baby (live, Girlie Show, 28th September 1993) Madonna 4:21
Bye Bye Baby (California Hip Hop Jazzy) Madonna 3:43
Bye Bye Baby (Erotic Saxy remix) Madonna 4:01
Bye Bye Baby (House mix) Madonna 3:50
Bye Bye Baby (Madonna Gets Hardcore) Madonna 4:24
Bye Bye Baby (Madonna's Night on the Club) Madonna 5:16
Bye Bye Baby (MTV Video Music Awards 1993) Madonna 4:12
Bye Bye Baby (N.Y. Hip Hop mix) Madonna 3:51
Bye Bye Baby (Rick Does Madonna's Dub) Madonna 6:20
Bye Bye Bye Madonna 1:50
Can’t Stop Madonna 4:46
Candy Perfume Girl Madonna USWB19701739 3 4:37
Candy Perfume Girl Madonna 5:01
Candy Perfume Girl Madonna 1:57
Candy Perfume Girl (long silent mix '98) Madonna 8:04
Candy Perfume Girl (Mellow-remix) Madonna 4:51
Candy Perfume Girl (promotional edit) Madonna 3:26
Candy Shop Madonna USWB10800778 5 4:16
Candy Shop Madonna 3:12
Candy Shop Madonna 3:10
Candy Shop (medley) (live video, Sticky & Sweet Tour) Madonna ?:??
Candy Shop (medley) (live, Sticky & Sweet Tour) Madonna USWB11000259 3:46
Causing a Commotion Madonna 4:53
Causing a Commotion Madonna 4:22
Causing a Commotion Madonna 6:39
Causing a Commotion Madonna 4:06
Causing a Commotion Madonna 4:57
Causing a Commotion Madonna ?:??
Causing a Commotion Madonna ?:??
Causing a Commotion Madonna 4:57
Causing a Commotion (live, Live USA) Madonna 4:35
Causing a Commotion (dub version) Madonna 7:04
Causing a Commotion (Movie House mix) Madonna 9:40
Causing a Commotion (Movie House mix) Madonna ?:??
Causing a Commotion (MTV Video Music Awards 1987) Madonna 5:45
Causing a Commotion (Silver Screen mix) Madonna 6:40
Causing a Commotion (Silver Screen single mix) Madonna 4:10
Celebration Madonna USWB10902834 3.5 3:35
Celebration Madonna 3:53
Celebration Madonna 3:25
Celebration Madonna 3:36
Celebration Madonna 3:35
Celebration Madonna feat. Akon 3:54
Celebration Madonna 3:41
Celebration Madonna feat. Akon 3:55
Celebration (live, MDNA World Tour) Madonna 7:24
Celebration (Akon remix) Madonna feat. Akon USWB10904634 3:55
Celebration (Benny Benassi dub) Madonna 6:00
Celebration (Benny Benassi dub) Madonna 6:01
Celebration (Benny Benassi edit) Madonna 3:58
Celebration (Benny Benassi remix edit) Madonna USWB10903179 3:58
Celebration (Benny Benassi remix) Madonna USWB10903178 5:30
Celebration (Benny Benassi remix) Madonna ?:??
Celebration (Benny Benassi remix) Madonna 5:28
Celebration (Benny Benassi remix) (part of a “Ultra Dance 11” DJ‐mix) Madonna 5:12
Celebration (Benny Benassi remix) (part of Ultra Dance 11 DJ mix) Madonna 5:14
Celebration (Clean HumanJive remix) Madonna 5:05

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