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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Sorry Madonna 4:44
Sorry Madonna 3:58
Sorry Madonna 4:47
Sorry Madonna ?:??
Sorry (2009 Celebration remaster) Madonna USWB10903608 2 3:58
Sorry (album version) Madonna 7:23
Sorry (Green Velvet remix) Madonna USWB10600375 6:07
Sorry (Man With Guitar edit) Madonna 6:04
Sorry (Man With Guitar mix) Madonna USWB10600004 7:23
Sorry (Man With Guitar mix) Madonna 6:00
Sorry (Oakenfold remix) Madonna 4:30
Sorry (Paul Oakenfold mix) Madonna 4:22
Sorry (Paul Oakenfold remix) Madonna USWB10600374 7:15
Sorry (Paul Oakenfold remix) Madonna 5:57
Sorry (Paul Oakenfold remix) Madonna 4:21
Sorry (Paul Oakenfold remix) Madonna 5:06
Sorry (Pet Shop Boys maxi-mix) Madonna USWB10600373 8:27
Sorry (Pet Shop Boys maxi-mix) Madonna 8:36
Sorry (PSB maxi-mix) Madonna 8:34
Sorry (PSB maxi-mix) Madonna USWB10600373 8:36
Sorry (PSB maxi-mix) Madonna ?:??
Sorry (radio version) Madonna USWB10505900 4:00
Sorry (remix) Madonna 3:45
Sorry (remix) Madonna USWB10600376 4:31
Sorry (remix) Madonna 3:32
Sorry Beat Madonna 6:44
Spanish Eyes Madonna 5:18
Spanish Eyes Madonna 5:17
Spanish Lesson Madonna USWB10800786 1.5 3:38
Spanish Lesson Madonna USWB11000267 3:52
Spanish Lesson Madonna ?:??
Spanish Lessons Madonna 3:36
Spotlight Madonna 4:32
Spotlight Madonna 2:14
Spotlight (part of You Can Dance mix) Madonna USWB19903385 6:24
Spotlight (dub version) Madonna 4:46
Spotlight (extended remix) (Unmixed version) Madonna 6:34
Spotlight (single edit) Madonna 4:32
Spotlight (single edit) Madonna 4:35
Stay Madonna USWB10002753 4:07
Stay Madonna 4:05
Stay Madonna 4:04
Stay Madonna 4:07
Stay '81 Madonna 4:23
Stay ('81) Madonna 4:23
Substitute for a Love (BT remix) Madonna 9:27
Substitute for Love Madonna 5:23
Substitute for Love Madonna 2:47
Supernatural Madonna 5:13
Supernatural Madonna 5:13
Supernatural Madonna 5:13
Supernatural (Original Arms House mix) Madonna 5:39
Superpop Madonna ?:??
Superstar Madonna USUG11200453 3 3:55
Superstar Madonna 3:55
Superstar (Eddie Amador remix) Madonna 6:19
Surprise Madonna 3:39
Survival Madonna USWB19400262 3:31
Survival Madonna 3:31
Survival Madonna 3:02
Susan MacLeod / Into the Groove Madonna USWB10602461 7:20
Sweet Darling Madonna 4:06
Swim Madonna USWB19701737 3 5:01
Swim Madonna 2:04
Swim (Joye and Fun mix '98) Madonna 5:51
Swim (Mellow mix '98) Madonna 6:19
Swim (promotional edit) Madonna 3:51
Synaesthesia Music (Special DJ Sweet Remix) Madonna Vs Thrillseekers ?:??
Take a Bow Madonna 4:31
Take a Bow Madonna 4:25
Take a Bow Madonna ?:??
Take a Bow Madonna 7:21
Take a Bow Madonna USWB19400272 5 5:22
Take a Bow Madonna 4:33
Take a Bow Madonna 4:23
Take a Bow Madonna USWB10107375 4:31
Take a Bow Madonna 4:35
Take a Bow Madonna 4:29
Take a Bow Madonna 2:08
Take a Bow (2009 Celebration remaster) Madonna USWB10903626 4 5:20
Take a Bow (album version) Madonna 5:21
Take a Bow (American Music Awards 1995) Madonna with Babyface 4:44
Take a Bow (edit) Madonna 4:32
Take a Bow (edit) (2001 GHV2 remaster) Madonna USWB10107375 5 4:32
Take a Bow (In da Soul mix) Madonna 4:57
Take a Bow (Indasoul instrumental) Madonna 4:58
Take a Bow (Indasoul mix) Madonna 4:58
Take a Bow (Indasoul mix) Madonna 4:57
Take a Bow (instrumental) Madonna 5:21
Take a Bow (instrumental) Madonna 5:20
Take a Bow (Silky Soul instrumental) Madonna 4:11
Take a Bow (Silky Soul mix) Madonna 4:12
Take a Bow (Silky Soul mix) Madonna 4:11
Take a Bow (Steve's Sweaty Soul remix) Madonna 6:19
Take A Day Madonna 3:50
Take It Back Madonna 5:57
The Actress Hasn't Learned the Lines (You'd Like to Hear) Madonna, Antonio Banderas 2:32
The Beast Within Madonna 6:03
The Beast Within (live, Reinvention Tour) Madonna USWB10602451 5:05
The Beast Within Remix (live, Girlie Show, 28th September 1993) Madonna 6:04

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