collaborator on:The Secret Police (UK | Sting's one-off project during Amnesty International Gala)
member of:Global Village Trucking Co. (ended)
6 Hands (Not Six Hands. This is 3 renowned guitarists.)
Darryl Way's Wolf
Soft Machine Legacy
Soft Machine (from 1975-04 until 1978)
signed by:Audio Network Production Music Library (production music label, prefix: ANW)
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
1976-08-20School Girlelectric guitarDennis Wilson2:32
1990-04-28BaireguitarDick Heckstall-Smith, John Etheridge, Rainer Glas, Joe Nay9:24
1990-04-28MoongooseguitarDick Heckstall-Smith, John Etheridge, Rainer Glas, Joe Nay13:40
1990-04-28Venerable BedeguitarDick Heckstall-Smith, John Etheridge, Rainer Glas, Joe Nay8:58
1990-04-28Woza NasuguitarDick Heckstall-Smith, John Etheridge, Rainer Glas, Joe Nay18:41
1996-05 – 1996-06After the StormguitarTheo Travis6:33
1996-05 – 1996-06DetailsguitarTheo Travis6:01
1996-05 – 1996-06Full Moon Risingguitar [Indian Fretless Guitar]Theo Travis5:18
1996-05 – 1996-06The Crow RoadguitarTheo Travis8:40
1996-05 – 1996-06Three PeopleguitarTheo Travis8:50
2000-09-26 – 2000-11-13Malinke Guitarsclassical guitarJohn Williams6:05
2000-09-26 – 2000-11-13Triangular Situationsclassical guitarJohn Williams3:58
2019-02-06Band IntrosguitarSoft Machine?:??
2019-02-06Chloe and the ParatesguitarSoft Machine?:??
2019-02-06Fourteen Hour DreamguitarSoft Machine?:??
2019-02-06GesolreutguitarSoft Machine?:??
2019-02-06Hidden DetailsguitarSoft Machine?:??
2019-02-06Intro (Michael Sadler)guitarSoft Machine?:??
2019-02-06Medley: The Relegation of Pluto / Tarabos / Sideburn / Hazard Profile Part1guitarSoft Machine?:??
2019-02-06Out-Bloody-RageousguitarSoft Machine?:??
2019-02-06Song of AeolusguitarSoft Machine?:??
2019-02-06Tales of TakiesinguitarSoft Machine?:??
81guitarJohn Etheridge5:22
A Night in TunisiaguitarKate Daniels?:??
Angel EyesguitarKate Daniels?:??
Any TimeguitarIan Mosley & Ben Castle4:26
AshguitarJohn Etheridge10:01
AubadeguitarSoft Machine1:52
BaiereguitarJohn Etheridge4:53
Ban Ban CalibanguitarSoft Machine9:22
Beautiful LoveguitarKate Daniels?:??
ChipsguitarJohn Etheridge5:18
Don't Worry About MeguitarKate Daniels?:??
EtikaguitarSoft Machine2:21
FireguitarNigel Kennedy4:41
Get Out of TownguitarKate Daniels?:??
Glass EyeguitarIan Mosley & Ben Castle4:16
I Thought About YouguitarKate Daniels?:??
InguitarJohn Etheridge0:47
In Your Own Sweet WayguitarJohn Etheridge4:10
Infant EyesguitarJohn Etheridge7:11
KayooguitarSoft Machine3:28
Little WingguitarJohn Etheridge6:17
Nature BoyguitarKate Daniels?:??
NexusguitarSoft Machine0:50
Nine Times Blue (version two — Davy’s vocal)John Ethridgeelectric bass guitarThe Monkees2:20
One Over the EightguitarSoft Machine5:31
OutguitarJohn Etheridge2:11
Out of SeasonguitarSoft Machine5:32
Port of AmsterdamguitarKate Daniels?:??
Second BundleguitarSoft Machine2:37
Song of AeolusguitarSoft Machine4:32
Tea for TwoguitarJan Blook, John Etheridge, Stéphane Grappelli, Yehudi Menuhin, Pierre Michelot, Ronnie Verrell3:41
The Camden TandemguitarSoft Machine2:02
The Continuing Adventures of Colonel SveneguitarIan Mosley & Ben Castle6:09
The Flying ScrollguitarIan Mosley & Ben Castle6:06
The Tale of TaliesinguitarSoft Machine7:18
The ViewpointguitarIan Mosley & Ben Castle7:37
UgetsuguitarJohn Etheridge7:37
Venerable BedeguitarJohn Etheridge3:59
Whisper NotguitarKate Daniels?:??
Why Me?guitarIan Mosley & Ben Castle5:46
WitchcraftguitarKate Daniels?:??
You Don't Know What Love IsguitarJohn Etheridge5:15
You Don't Know What Love IsguitarKate Daniels?:??
つつじacoustic guitarHaLo3:20
Zappatistas: Live in LeedsguitarJohn Etheridge