Ricocher (Progressive Rock)

~ Artist



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Bitter Tears 3:02
Breaking the Chain 5:17
Cathedral Of Emotions 10:34
Child Inside 5:20
Fugitive 5:10
Haunted By Dreams 6:58
Ideals 4:25
Life in Your Mind 5:25
Live Your Life 6:26
Locked Inside I: Misguided Lights 2:55
Locked Inside II: Question Within the Answer 5:34
Mask Of Illusions 10:24
Out Of Hands 5:07
Painting 4:52
Point of No Return 7:13
Quest for the Heartland 8:03
Sand in Your Eyes I: Perception 4:16
Sand in Your Eyes II: Reflected 4:20
Sand in Your Eyes III: The Silhouette of You 5:17
The Code a) Doorway - b) Memories 5:12
Virtual Images I: Empty Chambers 3:40
Virtual Images II: Beyond Terms of Humanity 3:17
Virtual Images III: Out of Control 5:36
Whispering Voices 5:13
Your Pride 3:19

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