Austin Wintory (American video game music composer)

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2012Spirit of the CosmosAustin Wintory1
2019RemnantsAustin Wintory2

Album + Soundtrack

2008Back Soon - Original SoundtrackAustin Wintory1
2009Knuckle DraggersAustin Wintory1
2009The Sunset SkyAustin Wintory1
2009Captain Abu RaedAustin Wintory2
2009Make the Yuletide GayAustin Wintory1
2010Grace (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Austin Wintory2
2012JourneyAustin Wintory4.53
2012flOwAustin Wintory22
2012Live Evil - Original Motion Picture SoundtrackAustin Wintory2
2012MajidAustin Wintory1
2012The River WhyAustin Wintory1
2012Journey Bonus BundleAustin Wintory1
2012HornAustin Wintory3
2013Monaco: What’s Yours Is MineAustin Wintory3
2013Monaco: The Gentleman’s Private CollectionAustin Wintory3
2013Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine / The Gentleman’s Private CollectionAustin Wintory1
2013Leisure Suit Larry: ReloadedAustin Wintory2
2014The Banner SagaAustin Wintory2
2014TransfigurationAustin Wintory32
2014Soul FjordAustin Wintory1
2014The Maze of GamesAustin Wintory2
2015SunsetAustin Wintory1
2015Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: Original Game SoundtrackAustin Wintory4
2016Mercury PlainsAustin Wintory2
2016Strangely in LoveAustin Wintory2
2016The Banner Saga 2Austin Wintory1
2016ABZÛAustin Wintory4
2017DeFormersAustin Wintory2
2017AbsolverAustin Wintory3
2017Tooth and TailAustin Wintory4
2017The RendezvousAustin Wintory2
2017LunaAustin Wintory2
2018PodeAustin Wintory2
2018The Banner Saga 3Austin Wintory3
2019EricaAustin Wintory2
2019John Wick HexAustin Wintory2
2019The Bradwell ConspiracyAustin Wintory1
2020TreadAustin Wintory2
2020Big Dogs - Season 1Austin Wintory2
2020AGOS: A Game of Space (Original Game Soundtrack)Austin Wintory1
2020The PathlessAustin Wintory1
2020The Pathless: MeditationsAustin Wintory1


2012KhorAustin Wintory1
2017Some ChangeAustin Wintory1
2020Counter Strike: Global Offensive - BachramAustin Wintory1

Single + Soundtrack

2013The ForgeAustin Wintory feat. Malukah & Tina Guo1

EP + Soundtrack

2012The ConformationAustin Wintory1
2014Our CuriosityAustin Wintory1
2018Command & Conquer RivalsAustin Wintory1

Album + Compilation + Soundtrack

2018Groupees UnreleasedAustin Wintory1

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