Porn (The Men of)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
…And the Devil Makes Three I Porn & Merzbow 0:46
…And the Devil Makes Three II Porn & Merzbow 4:28
…And the Devil Makes Three III Porn & Merzbow 6:49
…And the Devil Makes Three IV Porn & Merzbow 3:18
…And the Devil Makes Three IX Porn & Merzbow 3:04
…And the Devil Makes Three V Porn & Merzbow 0:37
…And the Devil Makes Three VI Porn & Merzbow 4:11
…And the Devil Makes Three VII Porn & Merzbow 6:29
…And the Devil Makes Three VIII Porn & Merzbow 1:07
…And the Devil Makes Three X Porn & Merzbow 0:42
…And the Devil Makes Three XI Porn & Merzbow 5:35
…And the Devil Makes Three XII Porn & Merzbow 11:06
Ballad of the Bulldyke Porn 4:35
Ballad of the Bulldyke (Jam Jar Superstar remix) Porn 4:29
Capp Street Porn 4:23
Comin' Home (Smoking Pot on a Sunday Afternoon While UFO's Drone Overhead) Porn 16:53
Dancing Black Ladies Porn 2:29
Double Don Porn 5:22
End Porn 2:42
Fat Trout Porn 5:39
Feedback II Porn 2:05
Feedback IV Porn 6:29
Feedback VII Porn 4:21
Glory Will Be Mine Porn 4:53
Highlife Porn 4:24
In the Wrong Lane (R - One mix) Porn 7:32
Last Song Porn 11:29
Lightning Strikes Porn 9:04
Loop Porn 13:56
Love Like War (Dolls of Pain mix) Porn 4:57
Love Like War (Herrschaft mix) Porn 4:17
Love Like War (Quatre Heures Et Demie Aux Indes mix) Porn 4:40
Love Like War (Vigilante mix) Porn 4:21
Mastodon Entrée Porn 3:18
Morning Star Rising Porn 5:41
Ode to Theodore's Porn 2:30
One of These Days Porn 12:00
Out on the Weekend Porn 7:48
Outta Site Porn 2:44
Pony Ride Porn 2:57
Porch Song Porn 4:11
Porch Song Porn 4:13
Pyleven Porn 4:11
Sister Porn 3:31
Sister (Nod mix) Porn 5:21
Sister (Valium mix) Porn 5:20
Soft Machine-Porn Machine Porn ?:??
Succulento Porn 11:57
Teabaggin' Porn 3:44
The Five Books Of The Aeneas: Book I. Descent; Book II. Assembly Of The Silent; Book III. Chimaera Awakens; Book IV. What New Desire Of Blood; Book V. Purging By Fire Porn 14:41
The Free Alternate Reality Porn 5:16
The Machineries of Joy (R- One mix) Porn 7:01

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