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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Introduction, JamJamJam, A Little History, Jam This Guy, An Interview with W6DR, Jamming the “Sports Line”, Am I On?, Three Year Olds on the Air, etc. Negativland 16:11
Introduction, Witness for the Documentation, Disclaimers and Floaters, etc. Negativland 8:03
It Ain't Legit Negativland 4:30
It Fell in Port Costa, Rototiller Mix, Bottlebrush Bushes, etc Negativland 6:05
It's Not a Critique Negativland 1:03
Jack Pastrami (Flower Bum) Negativland 2:42
James Gabbert's Delight, Pat Boone's Cow, Evening Magazine, etc. Negativland 7:45
Jar the Ear Negativland 4:12
Jolly Green Giant Negativland 7:25
Keep Rollin' Negativland 3:13
Keep Your Evenings Free Negativland 4:17
Kind of Grumpy Negativland 1:59
Lick the Crack Negativland 7:06
Long Distance Dedication Negativland 6:23
Long Distance Dedication #1 (live) Negativland 6:21
Long Distance Dedication #2 (live) Negativland 7:03
Lookin' Out for #1 Negativland 2:51
Lying on the Grass Negativland 2:04
Mark Hosler Speaks Negativland 2:53
Men's Continental Faith Breakfast Incorporated, Your First Day in Heaven, More Bible Quiz Negativland 9:09
Mertz #1 Negativland 1:45
Mertz #2 Negativland 1:16
Mertz End Negativland 0:16
Mertz, a Force of Nature, Hard and Soft Thinking, the Good Life, Cars Negativland 6:59
Methods of Torture Negativland 1:23
Michael Jackson Negativland 2:08
Michael Jackson (part of a “Fabric 11: Swayzak” DJ‐mix) Negativland 2:09
Moldy Bagels Negativland 2:08
Moments to Remember, Raining Hard, etc. Negativland 13:30
Mommy? Negativland 4:05
More More on Music, Suicide Man, Idle Threats, etc. Negativland 7:51
More Music, How to Use Your Cubulax, Ford for President, etc. Negativland 5:14
More Off-Air Surverys: Rainbow Gets Jammed, Suicide Man's Universal Theory Negativland 6:47
Movies (1987) Negativland 7:18
Murder and Music Negativland 6:59
Negativland 10 Negativland 1:42
Nesbitt's Lime Soda Song Negativland 3:07
New Is Old Negativland 1:33
New Management Negativland 1:05
News Headlines, More Wrong Cues, Top 10 Countdown, etc. Negativland 6:16
No Business Negativland 4:13
No Business Negativland ?:??
No Business Again Negativland 0:38
No Hands Negativland 2:17
Now Negativland 8:37
Numbers (1985) Negativland 3:58
O.J. And His Personal Trainer Kill Ron and Nicole Negativland 3:13
Off-Air Comments #1, Household Vocable, Wrong Cues Begin, Is He Stoned?, etc. Negativland 4:27
Off-Air Comments #2, Suicide Man: It Doesn't Seem to Be Flowing Very Well, Ruining the Concept, Six Months of My Life, etc. Negativland 7:40
Off-Air Survey: You Must Be Hearing These Recordings! Negativland 6:58
Old Is New Negativland 1:19
Ominipotent Struggle Negativland 2:44
One Bar of Soap, Rubles, Mertz, It's as If We Never Left Home, Negativ Thoughts, Nuts-Oh Nuts!, You Will Be Rearranged Negativland 9:47
One More for the Rodeo Negativland 4:45
One of Them Negativland 45:41
Only a Sample Negativland 8:02
Only You Can Rock Me Negativland 2:38
Oslo Norway and Psychic Freeze Negativland 4:38
Our National Anthem Negativland 4:51
Oven Noises Negativland 3:40
Over the Edge 12/31/89 (excerpts) Negativland 7:59
Over the Hiccups Negativland 1:26
Pack It Up Negativland 3:05
Passage to the 4th Dimension, Memo to Howland, Calling Radio Moscow Negativland 5:19
Penis and Sperm Negativland 3:04
Perfect Little Cookies Negativland 1:55
Perfect Scrambled Eggs Negativland 7:24
Perfect Scrambled Eggs Negativland 2:44
Phone-In Singalong, Song List, What the World Needs Now, Tammy, Drug Free, Transient Peaks, etc Negativland 12:16
Piece a Pie Negativland 8:40
Pip Digs Pep Negativland 4:51
Please Don't Sue Us Negativland 4:02
Pork in the Store Negativland 3:14
Potty Air Negativland 5:57
Progress (1984) Negativland 3:30
Prologue Negativland 4:03
Proud to Be an American (lip-sync) Negativland 3:49
Pump Gag Negativland 3:49
Pure Full Stereo Rototiller and So Long Negativland 6:51
Push the Button Negativland 8:47
Quiet Please Negativland 2:16
Rancho Pancho Negativland 2:29
Receptacle Programming, Fear of Freeways Mix, Defend the Fuel, Total Asshole, etc Negativland 3:43
Relatively Optimistic Notions Negativland 6:23
Richard Nixon Died Today Negativland 2:25
Right Might Negativland 4:08
Rightmight Negativland ?:??
Ringo Is Dead Negativland 6:55
Ron Bailey's School of Broadcast, the Mating Line, More on Music, etc. Negativland 8:14
Roy Storey's Sports Line #1 Negativland 2:47
Roy Storey's Sports Line #2 Negativland 3:18
Russian Factoids, Natural Woman, Toilet Paper Negativland 4:48
Scolding Box Negativland 5:25
Seat Bee Sate Negativland 6:17
Sex Dirt Negativland 8:01
Shake Your Pants #1 Negativland 5:39
Shake Your Pants #2 Negativland 4:39
Sign-Off Negativland 1:51
Sign-On Negativland 1:56
Smelly Water Negativland / Chumbawamba 5:35

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