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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Chicken Diction 3:50
Christianity and the Cults, Joseph Smith, Brainwashing at the Cuckoo Club 7:28
Christianity Is Stupid 3:55
Christianity Is Stupid 6:03
Christianity Is Stupid 4:21
Christianity Is Stupid ?:??
Christianity Is Stupid, Part 2 13:18
Cityman 5:56
Clowns and Ballerinas 1:32
Clowns and Ballerinas 1:32
Clowns and Ballerinas (unreleased version) 4:09
Comb Music 9:24
Copying Is a Criminal Act (live) 5:07
Countdown Continues, Still More Wrong Cues, Moribund Music of the '80s, etc. 5 5:18
Crosley Bendix and the Damage Done 6:30
Crosley Bendix Reviews JamArt and Cultural Jamming 3:33
Crumpled Farm 4:24
Dance (1988) 7:32
Day in Day Out ?:??
Dear Mary 1:49
Deliberate Sabotage (live) 3:00
Dick Is Dead 15:24
Dick Vaughn Speaks 5:07
Dick Vaughn: Popular TV-Mentalist 1:25
Digital Fantasy Man 5:07
Domestic Art (1987) 11:39
Don't Fool Me 5:49
Don't Stop Doin' It 2:05
Downloading 9:51
Dreams About Fire, Mr. Dirt, White Clouds in the Sky and The End 9:46
Drink It Up 3:47
Drunk at Last, A Date With Ham, Etc. 6:29
Earwitness News and Back to More Music, etc. 9:00
Egg Recipe ?:??
Electric Mud ?:??
Electricity (1987) 7:43
Endscape 3:20
Escape from Noise 2:35
Escape From Noise 5:36
Ethnic Prosthetics 2:52
Everything's Fine 5:01
Excerpt From Jam Con '84 ?:??
Executive Window, Memo to Friday, Memo From the Future, Dickie Diamond and the Media Shifter 11:38
Extra Sharp Pencils 2:31
Family Friends Laundry 0:55
Favorite Things 1:59
Fear (1986) 6:03
Food and Water 5:50
Forty-three Fuck You's, Sign Off and the News 17:28
Four Fingers 8:48
Four Fingers 3:08
Four Fingers ?:??
Four Fingers 3:08
Fourfingers 8:14
Freedom's Waiting 2:22
Fruitcakes, Suka-Brand Coffee, Power Failure, Citizens Band Parakeet, etc. 10:53
Fuck You, Tough Darts, Jingle Bells, etc. 5:31
Gary Megastar ?:??
Gimme the Mermaid 4:30
God Bull 4:59
Guns ?:??
Happy Hero 5:04
Happy Hero: The Remedia Megamix 5:04
Happy the Harmonica 10:03
Harry to the Ferry 2:54
Hell Car 5:13
Helter Stupid 18:01
Ho-Ho-Ho, No More Recordings, Easy-Off, etc. 6:55
Holy War 3:39
Homes and Bombs 1:50
Hot & Ready 1:40
How Long Have You Been Waiting for U2? 7:47
Humanitarian Effort 0:33
Hyper Real 0:55
I Am God 5:20
I Believe It’s L 6:22
I Don't Want Anything in the Toilet 5:28
I Gotta Be Me 3:02
I Love My B.I.B.L.E., More Bible Quiz, The Weatherman Clears It Up 2:33
I Still Haven ?:??
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (1991 a cappella mix) 7:18
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (edited special edit radio mix) 14:55
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (live a cappella) 7:21
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (special edit radio mix) 5:49
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (1991 a cappella mix) 7:17
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (special edit radio mix) 5:48
I'd Rather Be Dead ?:??
I'm Gonna Sing Now 3:36
I'm the Vegetable, Wired Up House, Steamin' Mad at Dirt, etc. 10:32
In the Beginning 6:37
Influential You 2:23
Insult ?:??
Introduction 2:18
Introduction 0:50
Introduction 1:37
Introduction 0:50
Introduction, First Club Soda, Toads, etc. 10:53
Introduction, JamJamJam, A Little History, Jam This Guy, An Interview with W6DR, Jamming the “Sports Line”, Am I On?, Three Year Olds on the Air, etc. 16:11

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