Ross Petersen

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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Acidhead assistant John Scofield Band 6:33
Animal Farm assistant John Scofield Band 5:38
Big Ben assistant Joe Lovano 4:47
Blue Sketches assistant Joe Lovano 4:52
Body & Soul (for Coleman Hawkins) assistant Chris Potter 5:31
Buckeyes assistant Joe Lovano 9:31
Dreamsville assistant Mulgrew Miller & Wingspan 6:43
Elation assistant Mulgrew Miller & Wingspan 5:25
Eurydice (for Wayne Shorter) assistant Chris Potter 6:02
Go East Young Man assistant Mulgrew Miller & Wingspan 7:41
Gratitude (for all the Past Masters) assistant Chris Potter 3:08
High Noon (for Eddie Harris) assistant Chris Potter 8:21
Holding Hands assistant Mulgrew Miller & Wingspan 6:33
I Brake 4 Monster Booty assistant John Scofield Band 4:03
Ideofunk assistant John Scofield Band 4:44
It Never Entered My Mind assistant Mulgrew Miller & Wingspan 6:32
Jungle Fiction assistant John Scofield Band 5:39
Just a Notion assistant Mulgrew Miller & Wingspan 7:50
Know Wonder assistant Mulgrew Miller & Wingspan 9:41
Lucky for Her assistant John Scofield Band 3:14
Offspring assistant John Scofield Band 6:28
Polo Towers assistant John Scofield Band 5:29
Samba d' Blue assistant Mulgrew Miller & Wingspan 4:58
Shadow (for Joe Henderson) assistant Chris Potter 5:50
Snap Crackle Pop assistant John Scofield Band 6:04
Spectrum assistant Mulgrew Miller & Wingspan 2:36
Star Eyes (for Charlie Parker) assistant Chris Potter 5:23
Streams of Expression - Cool, Part 2 assistant Joe Lovano 7:03
Streams of Expression - Enchantment, Part 3 assistant Joe Lovano 3:42
Streams of Expression - Second Nature, Part 4 assistant Joe Lovano 6:00
Streams of Expression - Streams, Part 1 assistant Joe Lovano 10:54
Streams of Expression - The Fire Prophets, Part 5 assistant Joe Lovano 6:55
Sun King (for Sonny Rollins) assistant Chris Potter 7:02
The Birth of the Cool Suite - Boplicity, Postlude assistant Joe Lovano 5:28
The Birth of the Cool Suite - Interlude No.1, Move, Interlude No.2 assistant Joe Lovano 8:06
The Birth of the Cool Suite - Prelude, Moon Dreams assistant Joe Lovano 6:41
The Mind's Eye (for Michael Brecker-Joe Lovano) assistant Chris Potter 7:15
The Mind's Eye Intro assistant Chris Potter 0:44
The Sequel assistant Mulgrew Miller & Wingspan 8:05
The Source (for John Coltrane) assistant Chris Potter 6:39
The Visitor (for Lester Young) assistant Chris Potter 7:41
Tomorrow Land assistant John Scofield Band 4:00
Überjam assistant John Scofield Band 6:53
Vox Humana (for Ornette Coleman) assistant Chris Potter 5:27
What's New (for the Current Generation) assistant Chris Potter 2:24
Device Device
The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday 12 Stones
What If It All Means Something assistant Chantal Kreviazuk
18 Tracks assistant Bruce Springsteen
18 Tracks assistant Bruce Springsteen
The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday 12 Stones
Life Is Better With You Michael Franti & Spearhead 3:19
What If It All Means Something Chantal Kreviazuk