Magus (Psytrance)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Black Holes (Remix) Magus 8:03
Children of Dune Magus 2:18
Crystal Ball (Bar Code remix) Magus 7:59
Digital Silence Magus 8:31
Digital Silence (Genetic Spin remix) Magus 8:10
Egoes in, Egoes out Magus 9:01
Egoes Out Magus 7:34
Egoes Out (Facelift remix) Magus 7:18
Highway 375 (Revisited) Magus 5:56
Hypnosis (Igneous Sauria Remix) Magus 8:08
Imploded Brains (DJ Seth remix) Magus 6:46
Incubus Magus 2:07
Liquid Mint (La Baaz remix) Magus 6:56
Messiah (Arrakis-Dune-Desert Planet, Part 2) Magus 4:33
Nature in the Machine (Igneous remix) Magus 7:18
Oxymorous Magus 7:56
Oxymorous (Man Made Man remix) Magus 6:50
Realm of the Jealous Gods (Bigwigs remix) Magus 7:25
Rif Magus 12:22
Sandman Magus 5:35
She's the Lady Magus 2:33
Spanish Waters Magus 6:38
Stepladder Magus & Friends 6:34
Stepladder (Sensient remix) Magus 8:17
The Earth's Sharp Edge Magus 6:59
The Infinite (...and the River Joins the Sea..., Part 3) Magus 2:51
The Last Flight of Saint-Ex Magus 3:29
Traveller Magus 7:25
Until The Sun Burns Out (Part 1) Magus 7:29
Waterfall Magus 3:18

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