Krystal (Danish trance trio)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Burning Flame 7:17
Burning Flame (part of a "Global Underground 007: New York" DJ-mix) 4:08
Burning Flame (Abfahrt at Sundown mix) 11:40
Burning Flame (Alone in dub) 9:27
Burning Flame (main mix) 5:57
Burning Flame (radio Act) 3:27
Burning Flame (The Final instrumental - Act III) 9:51
Burning Flame (The Final remix - Act III) 9:51
Eternity 3:40
Eternity 3:38
Eternity 3:42
Eternity 3:24
Eternity (original radio version) 3:21
Eternity (Phalanx vocal mix) 5:34
Eternity (radio version) 3 3:40
Love Is a Beautiful Thing 3:34
Supergirl 3:38
Unpredictable (dub mix) 11:14
Unpredictable (Dub Mix) 7:28
Would You Like to Seduce Me (part of “Café Ibiza, 3” DJ-mix) 4:43
Would You Like to Seduce Me (part of a “Sa Trincha, Volume 2” DJ‐mix) 4:40
Would You Like to Seduce Me? 4:53
Would You Like to Seduce Me? (part of “Real Ibiza” DJ-mix) 4:43

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