The Damned (UK punk band)

~ Group


members: Kris Dollimore
Garrie Dreadful
Lu Edmonds
Moose Harris
Brian James (UK punk rock guitarist)
Jon Moss
Paul Shepley
Algy Ward
Captain Sensible (1976 –)
Dave Vanian (1976 –)
Rat Scabies (1976 – 1995)
Roman Jugg (keyboard) (1981 – 1989)
Bryn Merrick (1983 – 1989)
Roman Jugg (guitar) (1984 – 1989)
Alan Lee Shaw (1993 – 1996)
Monty Oxymoron (1996 –)
Patricia Morrison (1996 – 2004)
Pinch (Andrew Pinching, a drummer) (membranophone) (1999 –)
Stu West (2004 – 2017-09)
Paul Gray (of Eddie & The Hotrods / The Damned) (2017-09 –)
supporting bass guitar by: Henry Badowski
Warren Renfrow
supporting membranophone by: Dave Berk
Jon Moss
Spike T. Smith
vocals support by: Gary Holton
signed by: Bronze
MCA Records (1967–2003; name as in imprint from 1972–1990)
Nitro Records
Stiff Records
The English Channel
Toshiba Records
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Shadows of the Damned (with the Damned) guest Dave Vanian 3:27
Theme of Shadows of the Damned (feat. The Damned) guest 山岡晃 7:11
Anti‐Pope The Damned 3:21
Ballroom Blitz The Damned 3:28
Beat Girl The Damned 2:21
Burglar The Damned 3:33
Grimly Fiendish (The Bad Trip mix) The Damned 5:12
I Just Can’t Be Happy Today The Damned 3:42
I Just Can’t Be Happy Today (DJ edit) The Damned 3:00
Liar The Damned 2:45
Looking at You The Damned 5:07
Love Song The Damned 2:22
Machine Gun Etiquette The Damned 1:49
Melody Lee The Damned 2:07
Noise, Noise, Noise The Damned 3:10
Plan 9 Channel 7 The Damned 5:08
Smash It Up, Part 2 (backing track — Singalonga Damned) The Damned 2:56
Smash It Up, Part 4 (Wessex version) The Damned 1:58
Smash It Up, Parts 1 & 2 The Damned 5:13
Temptation The Damned 4:05
Temptation The Damned 4:12
The Year of the Jackal The Damned 5:40
There Ain’t No Sanity Clause (remix) The Damned 2:52
These Hands The Damned 2:03
Turkey Song The Damned 1:32
Wait for the Blackout The Damned ?:??
Dollhouse (The Damned mix) Switchblade Symphony 4:06
Dollhouse (The Damned mix) Switchblade Symphony 4:06
Another Damned Seattle Compilation Various Artists
It's a Damned Damned Damned World Various Artists
The Curse of the Damned: Tribute to the Damned Various Artists