Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Brand New Me USTCD1087627 3:51
A Brand New Me GBTE71200002 4:03
A Brand New Me GBTE71411001 4:00
Beware USTC70830387 4:29
Chewing Gum USTCD1087648 4:15
Chewing Gum (live) USTC70831469 3:56
Child in a Seacave GBTE71309001 5:47
Child in a Seacave (live) GBTE71200004 5:51
Cracked USTC70831484 3:31
Deficiency of You USTCD1087629 4:29
Diggers GBTE71301001 4:22
Diggers (acoustic mix) GBTE71301003 4:30
Diggers (radio edit) GBTE71301002 3:20
I'm Going to Be a Murderer USTC70830379 2:43
In USTC70831476 2:23
Just a Book GBTE71200003 3:00
Just a Book GBTE71410001 2:57
Leather for Hell GBTE71405001 3:05
Limp USTCD1087630 3:38
Love Gone Left GBTE71402001 4:38
Love Gone Left (radio edit) GBTE71402002 4:02
Outrageous USTC70830344 3:20
Outrageous (rubal mix) USTCD1087631 3:43
Pushin’ Out the Light GBTE71404001 4:00
Roaming Soul USTC70831473 2:15
Soldier USTC70830354 3:50
Soundproof Box USTCD1087625 3:39
Stampede GBTE71407001 2:56
Stand to Attention USTCD1087628 5:21
The Dancing Dolls of Porcelain USTCD1087626 2:50
The Vice USTC70830376 2:50
Ticker Don't Tock GBTE71200001 4:25
Ticker Don’t Tock GBTE71408001 4:20
Tom Thumb GBTE71403001 3:46
Trust USTC70831403 3:08
Trust USTC70830417 2:59
Trust GB94P1100001 2:59
Volunteer GBTE71406001 4:21

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