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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
All I Need AWOLNATION USP6L1000067 3:37
All I Need (Live from Summit Music Hall) AWOLNATION 3:37
All In My Head Kill the Noise feat. AWOLNATION 4:26
Burn It Down AWOLNATION USP6L1000050 2:45
Burn It Down (Innerpartysystem remix) AWOLNATION USP6L1080050 4:56
Burn It Down (Live from Summit Music Hall) AWOLNATION 3:53
Dreamers AWOLNATION USP6L1400292 2:25
Drinking Lightning AWOLNATION USP6L1400298 5:08
Everybody’s Got a Secret AWOLNATION USP6L1300153 3:43
Fat Face AWOLNATION USP6L1400286 3:33
Guilty Filthy Soul AWOLNATION USP6L1000052 3:33
Guilty Filthy Soul (Live from Summit Music Hall) AWOLNATION 4:58
Guilty Filthy Soul (Samantha Ronson remix) AWOLNATION feat. Wale USP6L1000060 4:18
Headrest for My Soul AWOLNATION USP6L1400290 2:08
Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) AWOLNATION USP6L1400287 4:19
Holy Roller AWOLNATION USP6L1400293 3:58
I Am AWOLNATION USP6L1400289 4:34
I’m on Fire AWOLNATION USP6L1400302 2:34
I’m on Fire (Robotaki remix) AWOLNATION 4:08
I’ve Been Dreaming AWOLNATION USP6L1000064 2:58
Jailbreak AWOLNATION USP6L1400294 4:41
Jump on My Shoulders AWOLNATION USP6L1000069 4:08
Jump on My Shoulders (Thomas From Ghostland Observatory remix) AWOLNATION USP6L1380134 4:06
Kill It 4 the Kids Kill the Noise feat. AWOLNATION & Rock City 2:23
Kill Your Heroes AWOLNATION USP6L1000065 2:58
Kill Your Heroes (Live from Summit Music Hall) AWOLNATION 2:47
Kill Your Heroes (live in Toronto) AWOLNATION 2:57
Knights of Shame AWOLNATION 13:55
Knights of Shame / [unknown] AWOLNATION USP6L1000056 14:56
Lie Love Live Love AWOLNATION USP6L1400296 4:41
Like People, Like Plastic AWOLNATION USP6L1400297 4:31
Megalithic Symphony AWOLNATION USP6L1000072 0:57
My Nightmare’s Dream AWOLNATION USP6L1000071 0:26
Not Your Fault AWOLNATION USP6L1000057 3 4:01
Not Your Fault AWOLNATION ?:??
Not Your Fault (live in Toronto) AWOLNATION 4:28
Not Your Fault (Robert Delong remix) AWOLNATION USP6L1380147 5:52
People AWOLNATION USP6L1000068 3:58
People (live in Toronto) AWOLNATION 4:06
People (Thomas From Ghostland Observatory remix) AWOLNATION USP6L1380132 5:41
Run AWOLNATION USP6L1400285 4:01
Run (Beautiful Things) AWOLNATION 2:27
Sail AWOLNATION USP6L1000053 5 4:19
Sail AWOLNATION USP6L1000053 4:24
Sail (Borgore Pop the Sweating I'm Sailing remix) AWOLNATION USP6L1380130 4:38
Sail (Dan the Automator remix) AWOLNATION USP6L1180071 4:34
Sail (Edition Analogue by B. Earnd) AWOLNATION 4:20
Sail (Feed Me "Luxe" edit) AWOLNATION 3:30
Sail (Feed Me remix) AWOLNATION USP6L1280129 3:29
Sail (Glitch Hop remix Mongoose) AWOLNATION 4:47
Sail (Innerpartysystem remix) AWOLNATION 5:27
Sail (Innerpartysystem remix) AWOLNATION 3:29
Sail (LED remix) AWOLNATION 4:20
Sail (Live from Summit Music Hall) AWOLNATION 6:05
Sail (Miszap remix) AWOLNATION 4:11
Sail (pop radio edit) AWOLNATION 3:29
Sail (Tde remix) AWOLNATION feat. Kendrick Lamar & AB Soul USP6L1380136 4:00
Sail (UK radio edit) AWOLNATION 3:42
Sail (Unlimited Gravity remix) AWOLNATION USP6L1180110 5:49
Shoestrings AWOLNATION USP6L1000058 3:11
Some Kind of Joke AWOLNATION USP6L1300140 4:52
Some Sort of Creature AWOLNATION USP6L1000073 0:26
Soul Wars AWOLNATION USP6L1000062 3:36
Soul Wars (live, Salzburg, Austria) AWOLNATION USP6L1340103 4:23
Soul Wars (Live from Summit Music Hall) AWOLNATION 4:09
Surf's Up King Fantastic feat. AWOLNATION 3:27
Swinging From the Castles AWOLNATION USP6L1000074 3:02
Thiskidsnotalright AWOLNATION USP6L1300139 2:41
Wake Up AWOLNATION USP6L1000059 3:02
Windows AWOLNATION USP6L1400291 3:37
Woman Woman AWOLNATION USP6L1400295 3:37

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