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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Energy (Feel the Vibe) (part of “Original Garage Anthems” DJ-mix) Astro Trax 4:38
It's Over Astrotrax 8:26
It's Over (Astrotrax Metropolis vocal) Astrotrax 7:52
It's Over (Jason Jinx Parametric dub) Astrotrax 6:51
It's Over (Master vocal mix) Astrotrax 2:59
It's Over (Master vocal mix) Astrotrax 8:27
It's Over (Master vocal mix) Astrotrax 8:24
It's Over (Master vocal mix) (part of “Defected: DefCom 1” DJ-mix) Astrotrax 7:31
It's Over (Master Vocal Mix) (part of “Seamus Haji: DefCom 1” DJ-mix) Astrotrax 7:57
It's Over (Tim Deluxe vocal) Astrotrax 7:19
It’s Over Astrotrax 3:30
It’s Over (Master vocal mix) Astrotrax 8:23
It’s Over (Tim Deluxe dub) (part of “Ministry of Sound: Dance Nation 7” DJ-mix) Astrotrax 3:23
Losing Control Astrotrax 7:24
Losing Control (DJ mix from "Nude Dimensions, Volume 2") Astro Trax 5:31
Losing Control (original vocal) The Astro Trax Team 3:46
Team the Energy (Feel the Vibe) (DS Vibe vocal) Astro Trax 3:25
The Energy Astrotrax 3:35
The Energy Strotrax 4:42
The Energy Astrotrax 6:21
The Energy (part of “100 Garage Classics” DJ-mix) Astro Trax 4:24
The Energy (part of “DJ EZ: The Main Room Sessions” DJ-mix) Astrotrax 2:41
The Energy (part of “Ministry of Sound Presents: Garage Classics” DJ‐mix) Astrotrax 2:29
The Energy (part of “The Very Best of Pure Garage” DJ-mix) Astrotrax 3:15
The Energy (Astrotrax Master Beats) Astrotrax 2:50
The Energy (Astrotrax Master vocal mix edit) Astrotrax 4:04
The Energy (Astrotrax master vocal mix) (part of “Ministry of Sound: Funky House Classics” DJ‐mix) Astrotrax 2:39
The Energy (Astrotrax Master Vocal Mix) Astrotrax 7:02
The Energy (Bmr club mix) Astrotrax 6:57
The Energy (BMR club mix) Astrotrax 5:43
The Energy (BMR club mix) Astrotrax 7:00
The Energy (BMR Club Mix) Astrotrax 7:15
The Energy (BMR’s club cut) (part of a “Kontor: Top of the Clubs, Volume 9” DJ‐mix) Astrotrax 5:01
The Energy (Chantapella) Astrotrax 2:04
The Energy (Dub-A-Tech) Astrotrax 6:00
The Energy (Feel the Vibe) Astrotrax 5:10
The Energy (Jose's Deep Madness) Astrotrax 6:48
The Energy (Jose's Deep Madness) Astrotrax 5:36
The Energy (Jose's Deep Madness) Astrotrax 7:39
The Energy (Jose's Deep Mix) Astrotrax 6:05
The Energy (Jose’s Deep Madness) (part of a “Defected in the House” DJ‐mix) Astrotrax 5:35
The Energy (King Unique Dark Dub) Astrotrax 6:15
The Energy (King Unique dub) (Seamus Haji DJ-Mix) Astrotrax 5:20
The Energy (King Unique Dub) Astrotrax 7:25
The Energy (King Unique vocal) (Seamus Haji DJ-Mix) Astrotrax 5:39
The Energy (King Uniquies club mix) Astrotrax 5:56
The Energy (original mix) (part of “Norris ‘Da Boss’ Windross: Back To 95” DJ-mix) Astrotrax 4:32
The Energy (Stanton Wariors vocal mix) Astrotrax 5:54
The Energy (Stanton Warriors dub mix) (part of "Ministry of Sound: UK Garage: The Album (The Sound of 2000)" DJ-mix) Astrotrax 4:11
The Energy (Stanton Warriors mix) Astrotrax 5:57
The Energy (Stanton Warriors mix) (part of “Ayia Napa” DJ-mix) Astrotrax 4:37
The Energy (Vibe A Pella) Astrotrax 1:20

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