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1958Sixteen All-Time FavoritesThe Delmore Brothers5
196230th Anniversary AlbumThe Delmore Brothers2
1964In Memory (Volume 1)The Delmore Brothers2
1964In Memory of the Delmore Bros. Volume 2The Delmore Brothers2
196624 Great Country SongsThe Delmore Brothers1
1971Brown's Ferry Blues: 1933-41 RecordingsThe Delmore Brothers1
1971The Best of the Delmore BrothersThe Delmore Brothers5
1976The Delmore BrothersThe Delmore Brothers2
1983Volume I - Weary Lonesome BluesThe Delmore Brothers1
1984Volume II - Singing My Troubles AwayThe Delmore Brothers1
1984When They Let The Hammer DownThe Delmore Brothers & Wayne Raney1
1985Early Sacred Songs - Volume IIIThe Delmore Brothers2
1985Lonesome Yodel BluesThe Delmore Brothers1
1986Sand Mountain BluesThe Delmore Brothers2
1993Freight Train BoogieThe Delmore Brothers1
1995Brown's Ferry BluesDelmore Brothers1
2002Anthology of the Delmore Brothers (Blues Stay Away From Me)The Delmore Brothers1
2003Delmore Brothers: Blues Stays Away From Me 1931–1951Delmore Brothers1
2003That Old TrainThe Delmore Brothers1
2004Classic Cuts B - 1936-37The Delmore Brothers1
2004Classic Cuts: 1933 - 41The Delmore Brothers1
2004Good Time Saturday NightThe Delmore Brothers1
2005Fifty Miles To TravelThe Delmore Brothers1
2007Delmore Brothers 2: Later Years 1933-1952The Delmore Brothers1
2008More From the 1930s Plus the 1940s and 1950sThe Delmore Brothers1
Classic Cuts A - 1933-35The Delmore Brothers1
Great Gospel SongsThe Delmore Brothers1


1931Got the Kansas City Blues / Alabama LullabyDelmore Brothers1
1933Lonesome Yodel Blues / Gonna Lay Down My Old GuitarDelmore Brothers (Alton & Rabon)1
1934The Frozen Girl / Bury Me Out on the PrairieDelmore Brothers2
1934I'm Leaving You / I'm Going Back to AlabamaDelmore Brothers1
1934Brown's Ferry Blues / A New Salty DogDelmore Brothers (Alton & Rabon) / Allen Brothers2
1934I Ain't Got Nowhere to Travel / Ramblin' Minded BluesDelmore Brothers1
1934The Girls Don't Worry My Mind / Smoky Mountain Bill and His SongDelmore Brothers1
1934I'm Mississippi Bound / I Ain't Gonna Stay Here LongDelmore Brothers1
1934I've Got the Big River Blues / Blue Railroad TrainDelmore Brothers2
1935Brown's Ferry Blues - Part 2 / I'm Going AwayDelmore Brothers1
1935When It's Summertime in a Southern Clime / I Long to See My MotherDelmore Brothers (Alton And Rabon)1
1935Keep the Camp Fires Burning / The Fugitive's LamentDelmore Brothers1
1935Don't Let Me Be in the Way / I Know I'll Be Happy in HeavenDelmore Brothers1
1935Blow Yo' Whistle, Freight Train / Lorena, the SlaveDelmore Brothers1
1935Down South / Alabama LullabyDelmore Brothers2
1935Hey! Hey! I'm Memphis Bound / Brown's Ferry Blues - Part 2Delmore Brothers1
1935Hey! Hey! I'm Memphis Bound / I Believe It for My Mother Told Me SoThe Delmore Brothers1
1935I Believe It for My Mother Told Me So / I Long to See My MotherDelmore Brothers1
1935I Guess I've Got to Be Goin' / I Got the Kansas City BluesDelmore Brothers (Alton And Rabon)1
1935Lonesome Jailhouse Blues / By the Banks of the Rio GrandeThe Delmore Brothers1
1936Don't You See That Train / The Lovers WarningDelmore Brothers1
1936It's Takin' Me Down / The Nashville BluesDelmore Brothers2
1936I'm Gonna Change My Way / I'm Worried NowDelmore Brothers1
1936Put Me on the Trail to Carolina / Carry Me Back to AlabamaDelmore Brothers (Alton And Rabon)1
1937No Drunkard Can Enter There / Blind ChildDelmore Brothers (Alton And Rabon)2
1937False Hearted Girl / Memories of My Carolina GirlDelmore Brothers (Alton And Rabon)1
1937Are You Marching With the Saviour? / The Budded RoseDelmore Brothers1
1937Are You Marching With the Saviour? / Don't Forget Me, DarlingDelmore Brothers1
1937Don't Forget Me Darling / Memories of My Carolina GirlThe Delmore Brothers1
1937False Hearted Girl / Blind ChildDelmore Brothers1
1937Heavenly Light Is Shining on Me / Wonderful ThereDelmore Brothers1
1937Hi-De-Ho Baby Mine / Singing My Troubles AwayDelmore Brothers (Alton And Rabon)1
1937Heavenly Light Is Shining on Me / Lead MeDelmore Brothers1
1937No Drunkard Can Enter There / No OneDelmore Brothers1
1937Southern Moon / I Don't Know Why I Love HerDelmore Brothers2
1937Till the Roses Bloom Again / The Budded RoseDelmore Brothers1
1937There's More Pretty Girls Than One - Part 2 / Love LettersDelmore Brothers1
1937Take Away This Lonesome Day / No OneThe Delmore Brothers1
1937When We Held Our Hymn Books Together / They Say It Is Sinful to FlirtDelmore Brothers1
1937When We Held Our Hymn Books Together / Look Up, Look Down the Lonesome RoadDelmore Brothers1
1938Alcatraz Island Blues / My Smoky Mountain GalDelmore Brothers1
1938Ain't It Hard to Love / Big Ball in TexasDelmore Brothers1
1938Brother, Take Warning / Bury Me Under the Weeping WillowDelmore Brothers1
1938Goodbye Booze / Careless Love (Bring My Baby Back)Delmore Brothers1
1938In That Vine Covered Chapel in the Valley / 'Cause I Don't Mean to Cry When You're GoneDelmore Brothers2
1938In That Vine Covered Chapel in the Valley / Careless Love (Bring My Baby Back)Delmore Brothers1
1938Leavin' on That Train / Git AlongThe Delmore Brothers1
1938Some of These Days You're Gonna Be Sad / Where Is My Sailor Boy?Delmore Brothers1
1938The Weary Lonesome Blues / I've Got the Railroad BluesDelmore Brothers1
1938There's a Lonesome Road / Brother Take WarningDelmore Brothers1
1938The Cannon Ball / The Only StarDelmore Brothers1
1938The Farmer's Girl / Look Up, Look Down the Lonesome RoadThe Delmore Brothers1
1938Wonderful There / Need the PrayersDelmore Brothers1
1939Wabash Blues / Go Easy, MabelDelmore Brothers1
1939Gambler's Yodel / Brown's Ferry Blues, Part 3Delmore Brothers1
1939Ain't It Hard to Love / Bury Me Under the Weeping WillowDelmore Brothers1
1939A Better Range Is Home / Just the Same Sweet Thing to MeDelmore Brothers1
1939Don't Let My Ramblin' Bother Your Mind / Baby You're Throwing Me DownDelmore Brothers1
1939Fifteen Miles From Birmingham / Quit Treatin' Me MeanDelmore Brothers1
1939Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar, Part 2 / I Loved You Better Than You KnewThe Delmore Brothers1
1939Home on the River / There's a Lonesome RoadDelmore Brothers1
1939I'm Alabama Bound / Goin' Back to GeorgiaDelmore Brothers1
1939My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains / Nothing but the BluesDelmore Brothers1
1939Where Is My Sailor Boy? / The Only StarDelmore Brothers1
1940The Wabash Cannon-Ball Blues / Scatterbrain MamaThe Delmore Brothers2
1940Make Room in the Lifeboat for Me / Gathering Flowers From the HillsideDelmore Brothers1
1940God Put a Rainbow in the Clouds / The Eastern GateDelmore Brothers1
1940Heart of Sorrow / Promise Me You'll Always Be FaithfulThe Delmore Brothers1
1940Over the Hills / The Dying TruckdriverDelmore Brothers2
1940Old Mountain Dew / In the Blue Hills of VirginiaDelmore Brothers1
1940She Won't Be My Lil Darling / Broken Hearted LoverThe Delmore Brothers2
1940See That Coon in a Hickory Tree / Back to BirminghamDelmore Brothers (Alton And Rabon)1
1940Silver Dollar / There's Trouble on My Mind TodayThe Delmore Brothers1

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