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1947Harmonica Blues / Rounder's BluesDelmore Brothers1


1971Brown's Ferry Blues: 1933-41 RecordingsThe Delmore Brothers1

Album + Compilation

1993Freight Train BoogieThe Delmore Brothers1
1994Sand Mountain BluesThe Delmore Brothers1
2003Blues Stays Away From Me 1931‐1951Delmore Brothers1
2004Classic Cuts B - 1936-37The Delmore Brothers1
2004Classic Cuts 1933 - 41The Delmore Brothers1
2007Delmore Brothers 2: Later Years 1933-1952The Delmore Brothers1
Classic Cuts A - 1933-35The Delmore Brothers1


1931Got the Kansas City Blues / Alabama LullabyDelmore Brothers1
1933Lonesome Yodel Blues / Gonna Lay Down My Old GuitarDelmore Brothers (Alton & Rabon)1
1934The Frozen Girl / Bury Me Out on the PrairieDelmore Brothers2
1934I'm Leaving You / I'm Going Back to AlabamaDelmore Brothers1
1934Brown's Ferry Blues / A New Salty DogDelmore Brothers (Alton & Rabon) / Allen Brothers2
1934I Ain't Got Nowhere to Travel / Ramblin' Minded BluesDelmore Brothers1
1934The Girls Don't Worry My Mind / Smoky Mountain Bill and His SongDelmore Brothers1
1934I'm Mississippi Bound / I Ain't Gonna Stay Here LongDelmore Brothers1
1935Brown's Ferry Blues - Part 2 / I'm Going AwayDelmore Brothers1
1935When It's Summertime in a Southern Clime / I Long to See My MotherDelmore Brothers (Alton And Rabon)1
1935Keep the Camp Fires Burning / The Fugitive's LamentDelmore Brothers1
1935Don't Let Me Be in the Way / I Know I'll Be Happy in HeavenDelmore Brothers1
1935Blow Yo' Whistle, Freight Train / Lorena, the SlaveDelmore Brothers1
1935Hey! Hey! I'm Memphis Bound / Brown's Ferry Blues - Part 2Delmore Brothers1
1935I Believe It for My Mother Told Me So / I Long to See My MotherDelmore Brothers1
1936Don't You See That Train / The Lovers WarningDelmore Brothers1
1936It's Takin' Me Down / The Nashville BluesDelmore Brothers2
1937No Drunkard Can Enter There / Blind ChildDelmore Brothers (Alton And Rabon)2
1937False Hearted Girl / Memories of My Carolina GirlDelmore Brothers (Alton And Rabon)1
1937Are You Marching With the Saviour? / The Budded RoseDelmore Brothers1
1937Are You Marching With the Saviour? / Don't Forget Me, DarlingDelmore Brothers1
1937False Hearted Girl / Blind ChildDelmore Brothers1
1937Heavenly Light Is Shining on Me / Wonderful ThereDelmore Brothers1
1937Hi-De-Ho Baby Mine / Singing My Troubles AwayDelmore Brothers (Alton And Rabon)1
1937No Drunkard Can Enter There / No OneDelmore Brothers1
1937Southern Moon / I Don't Know Why I Love HerDelmore Brothers2
1937Till the Roses Bloom Again / The Budded RoseDelmore Brothers1
1937There's More Pretty Girls Than One - Part 2 / Love LettersDelmore Brothers1
1937When We Held Our Hymn Books Together / They Say It Is Sinful to FlirtDelmore Brothers1
1937When We Held Our Hymn Books Together / Look Up, Look Down the Lonesome RoadDelmore Brothers1
1938Alcatraz Island Blues / My Smoky Mountain GalDelmore Brothers1
1938Ain't It Hard to Love / Big Ball in TexasDelmore Brothers1
1938Brother, Take Warning / Bury Me Under the Weeping WillowDelmore Brothers1
1938Goodbye Booze / Careless Love (Bring My Baby Back)Delmore Brothers1
1938In That Vine Covered Chapel in the Valley / 'Cause I Don't Mean to Cry When You're GoneDelmore Brothers2
1938In That Vine Covered Chapel in the Valley / Careless Love (Bring My Baby Back)Delmore Brothers1
1938Some of These You're Gonna Be Sad / Where Is My Sailor Boy?Delmore Brothers1
1938The Weary Lonesome Blues / I've Got the Railroad BluesDelmore Brothers1
1938There's a Lonesome Road / Brother Take WarningDelmore Brothers1
1938The Cannon Ball / The Only StarDelmore Brothers1
1938Wonderful There / Need the PrayersDelmore Brothers1
1939Wabash Blues / Go Easy, MabelDelmore Brothers1
1939Gambler's Yodel / Brown's Ferry Blues, Part 3Delmore Brothers1
1939Ain't It Hard to Love / Bury Me Under the Weeping WillowDelmore Brothers1
1939A Better Range Is Home / Just the Same Sweet Thing to MeDelmore Brothers1
1939Fifteen Miles From Birmingham / Quit Treatin' Me MeanDelmore Brothers1
1939Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar, Part 2 / I Loved You Better Than You KnewThe Delmore Brothers1
1939Home on the River / There's a Lonesome RoadDelmore Brothers1
1939I'm Alabama Bound / Goin' Back to GeorgiaDelmore Brothers1
1939My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains / Nothing but the BluesDelmore Brothers1
1939Where Is My Sailor Boy? / The Only StarDelmore Brothers1
1940The Wabash Cannon-Ball Blues / Scatterbrain MamaThe Delmore Brothers2
1940Make Room in the Lifeboat for Me / Gathering Flowers From the HillsideDelmore Brothers1
1940God Put a Rainbow in the Clouds / The Eastern GateDelmore Brothers1
1940Over the Hills / The Dying TruckdriverDelmore Brothers2
1940Old Mountain Dew / In the Blue Hills of VirginiaDelmore Brothers1
1940She Won't Be My Lil Darling / Broken Hearted LoverThe Delmore Brothers2
1940See That Coon in a Hickory Tree / Back to BirminghamDelmore Brothers (Alton And Rabon)1
1940Silver Dollar / There's Trouble on My Mind TodayThe Delmore Brothers1
1940That's How I Feel, So Goodbye / Rainin' on the MountainDelmore Brothers1
1941The Storms Are on the Ocean / Happy on the Mississippi ShoreThe Delmore Brothers2
1941I Now Have a Bugle to Play / Last Night I Was Your Only DarlingDelmore Brothers2
1941Precious Jewel / Gospel Cannon BallDelmore Brothers1
1941When It's Time for the Whip-Poor-Will to Sing / Will You Be Lonesome Too?Delmore Brothers2
1942Baby Girl / I Wonder Where My Darling Is TonightThe Delmore Brothers1
1943I'll Never Fall in Love Again / New False Hearted GirlDelmore Brothers2
1944Sweet Sweet Thing / Prisoner's FarewellDelmore Brothers1
1945The Last Old Shovel / Remember I Feel Lonesome TooDelmore Bros.1
1946Fast Express / I've Found an AngelDelmore Bros.1
1946Midnite Special / Why Did You Leave Me, DearDelmore Bros.1
1946Hillbilly Boogie / I'm Sorry I Caused You to CryDelmore Brothers2
1946She Left Me Standing on the Mountain / I'm Lonesome Without YouDelmore Bros.1
1946Freight Train Boogie / Somebody Else's DarlingDelmore Brothers1
1946Be My Little Pet / Lonely MoonDelmore Bros.1
1946Midnight Train / Don't Forget MeDelmore Brothers1
1947Precious Jewel / Gospel Cannon BallDelmore Brothers1
1947Brown's Ferry Blues / Mississippi ShoreDelmore Brothers1
1947Barnyard Boogie / Used Car BluesDelmore Bros.1
1947Boogie Woogie Baby / Born to Be BlueDelmore Brothers1
1947I'm Leavin' You / Honey I'm Ramblin' AwayDelmore Brothers1
1947Mobile Boogie / Waitin' for That TrainDelmore Bros.1
1948Darby's Ram / Take It on Out the DoorGrandpa Jones And Delmore Brothers1
1948Now I'm Free / Fifty Miles to TravelDelmore Brothers1
1948Peach Tree Street Boogie / Take It to the CaptainDelmore Bros.1
1949Blues Stay Away From Me / Goin' Back to the Blue Ridge MountainsDelmore Brothers3
1949Down Home Boogie / Weary DayDelmore Brothers1
1949Stop That Boogie / Shame on MeDelmore Brothers1
1949The Wrath of God / Calling to That Other ShoreDelmore Brothers1
1949Troubles Ain't Nothin' but the Blues / Pan American BoogieDelmore Brothers1
1950Sand Mountain Blues / I Swear by the StarsDelmore Brothers1
1950Some Day You'll Pay / My Heart Will Be Cryin'Delmore Brothers1

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