John Stewart (singer-songwriter (Kingston Trio))

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Somewhere Over the Rainbow 1:58
Song for a Friend 2:36
Spinnin' Of The World 1:41
Spirit 4:00
Star in the Black Sky Shining ?:??
Starman ?:??
Strange Rivers 4:34
Strange Rivers 3:45
Summer Child 4:41
Survivors 4:01
Swift Lizard 2:35
Take Her Out of Pity 2:58
Tall Blondes 3:05
Tears of the Sun 4:16
The Day the River Sang 4:28
The Escape of Old John Webb 2:32
The Ghost Inside of Me 3:19
The Gold Rush 5:50
The Last Campaign Trilogy 8:49
The Last Campaign Trilogy 7:09
The Last Hurrah 2:28
The Man Who Would Be King 3:23
The Man Who Would Be King 3:07
The Pirates of Stone County Road 6:20
The Pirates of Stone County Road 3:51
The Pirates Of Stone County Road ?:??
The Plains: Besty From Pike 2:09
The Plains: Distant Wagons 2:33
The Plains: Indian Springs 1:40
The Plains: Wichita Cross Winds 4:19
The Reverend Mr. Black 4:15
The River 3:35
The Road Shines Bright 2:40
The Runaway Fool of Love 2:22
The Runner 3:37
The Spinning of the World 1:42
The Streets of Laredo 3:09
The Wheel Within the Clay 3:49
The Wheel Within the Clay 3:23
The Wild Side of You 3:38
The Wilderness: After the Rain 2:31
The Wilderness: Grand Canyon Summer 2:13
The Wilderness: Montana Crossing 2:21
The Wilderness: The Hooliann 1:52
The Wilderness: The Launch of Apollo II 1:21
They Call the Wind Mariah 3:12
Ticket to the Stars 5:14
Touch Of The Sun 2:56
Tucson 0:20
Turn of the Century (Diana) ?:??
Twelve Gates to the City 3:07
Under Heavy Fire 3:41
Waiting for Castro to Die ?:??
Waiting for Saints 4:35
Waltz of the Crazy Moon ?:??
Wheatfield Lady 3:07
Wheatfield Lady 2:12
Wheatfield Lady 2:31
Wheels Of Thunder 3:34
When the Night Was Ours 2:55
Where Have All the Flowers Gone 3:32
Who Stole the Soul of Johnny Dreams ?:??
Wide Eyed in Babylon 3:21
Wild Horse Road 2:50
Wild Mountain Thyme 4:34
Willard 3:32
Willard 3:29
Wind Dies Down 3:33
Wind Dies Down 3:32
Wind On The River 4:22
Wingless Angels / Survivor II 5:04
Wings Of A Raven 4:58
Wolves In The Kitchen 3:54
Wolves In The Kitchen 3:11
Women 5:03
You Can't Look Back 1:59
You Can't Look Back 2:04
You Can't Look Back ?:??
You Can't Look Back (live) 1:50

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