Charles Wilson

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Private Affair 4:54
Ain't No Hoochie Coochie Man 5:02
Backdoor Lover 5:27
Cadillac Assembly Line 3:34
Cheater's Nightmare 5:01
Cheater's Paradise 4:56
Cut You A-Loose 3:40
Doctor Doctor 3:53
Fireman 4:33
Give A Woman What She Wants 4:34
Goin' Back To Cheatin' 5:27
Hattie Mae's 4:31
Hoochie Booty 5:07
I Like Your Style 3:39
I Love the Love in You 4:32
I Talk to Myself 5:16
I Walked All Night Long 4:44
I'll Be Your Lover 4:35
I'm So Glad 5:09
If Heartaches Were Nickles 5:48
If You've Got A Problem 5:00
In the Room Next to the Room 4:24
It Ain't The Size 4:57
It's Sweet on the Backstreet 3:56
Keep It A Secret 4:30
Leave The Light On 4:47
Let's Stomp 4:08
Lonely Man 2:57
Losin' Boy 3:08
Love Seat 5:28
Mr freak 4:24
Next Time You See Me 3:30
Outside Woman 4:34
Over at Fannie Mae's 3:47
Over at Fannie Mae’s 3:46
Right In The Middle Of Wrong 4:59
Snapper 5:11
Sooner Or Later 4:20
The Viagra Song 4:59
Trying to Make a Wrong Thing Right ?:??
Two Steps Behind 4:17
Two Wrongs Made A Right 4:51
Up at Carl's 3:33
We Ought To Be Doin' It 4:29
Why Don't We Get Together 4:26
Why Should I Ger Married When My Neighbor's Got A Wife 4:41
You Belong to Me 3:51
You Can't Lose What You Never Had 4:55
You Can't Out Cheat A Cheater 5:00
Your Love Is Real 3:24

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