~ Group


additional members: Leo Abrahams
Saskia Cocker
Jean Cook
Richard Hawley (English guitarist, singer-songwriter and producer from Sheffield)
Jill Taylor (Pulp)
Garry Wilson
founded by: Jarvis Cocker
members: Ian Dalton
Peter Dalton (Pulp)
Wayne Furniss (Pulp)
Antony Genn
David Hinkler (Pulp)
Simon Hinkler
David Lockwood
Michael Paramore (Pulp, Heroes of the Beach)
Jamie Pinchbeck (Pulp)
Jimmy Sellars (Pulp)
Mark Swift (Pulp)
Philip Thompson (Pulp)
Jarvis Cocker (guitar) (1978 –)
Jarvis Cocker (lead vocals) (1978 –)
Jarvis Cocker (keyboard) (1978 –)
Peter Boam (Pulp) (guitar, keyboard, membranophone, piano, background vocals) (1982-08 – 1983-09)
Tim Allcard (Pulp) (keyboard, membranophone, saxophone, spoken vocals) (1983 – 1984)
Russell Senior (guitar, violin) (1983-09 – 1997-01-20)
Peter Mansell (bass guitar, background vocals) (1983-12 – 1986-11)
Magnus Doyle (1984 – 1987)
Candida Doyle (background vocals, keyboard) (1984-04 –)
Captain Sleep (Pulp) (keyboard) (1986-11 – 1986-12)
Steven Havenhand (Pulp) (bass guitar) (1986-11 – 1988-01)
Nick Banks (membranophone) (1987-01 –)
Steve Mackey (producer; Pulp bassist) (bass) (1988-11 –)
Mark Webber (Guitarist with Pulp) (guitar, keyboard) (1995-05 –)
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http://www.pulpwiki.net/ [info] (2006-08 –)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Babies Pulp
Anorexic Beauty
instrument arranger
A Little Soul (original mix / album version) strings Pulp 3:20
Dishes strings Pulp 3:30
Seductive Barry strings Pulp 8:31
This Is Hardcore (original version) strings Pulp 6:25
Forever in My Dreams Pulp 4:23
Yesterday Pulp 3:52
After You (original version) Pulp 5:35
59 Lyndhurst Grove Pulp 3:33
Anorexic Beauty Pulp 3:00
Being Followed Home Pulp 6:04
Countdown Pulp 5:08
Countdown (extended version) Pulp 8:04
Countdown (radio edit) Pulp 4:41
Death II Pulp 5:36
Deep Fried in Kelvin Pulp 9:49
Disco 2000 Nick Cave 5:19
Don’t You Know Pulp 4:09
Don’t You Want Me Anymore? Pulp 3:53
Down by the River Pulp 3:40
Fairground Pulp 5:07
I Want You Pulp 4:42
Inside Susan Pulp 5:35
Ladies’ Man Pulp 4:44
Last Day of the Miners’ Strike Pulp 5:55
Life Must Be So Wonderful Pulp 3:59
Love Is Blind Pulp 5:45
Manon (new version) Pulp 3:33
Master of the Universe Pulp 3:22
My Body May Die Pulp feat. The Swingle Singers 3:53
My Legendary Girlfriend Pulp 6:50
O.U. (12″ mix) Pulp 3:44
Separations Pulp 4:45
She’s Dead Pulp 5:09
Stacks Pulp 2:43
Street Lites Pulp 5:55
That Boy’s Evil Pulp 5:32
The Babysitter Pulp 4:59
The Never‐Ending Story Pulp 3:01
The Professional Pulp 5:09
There’s No Emotion Pulp 4:28
They Suffocate at Night Pulp 6:18
This House Is Condemned Pulp 7:53
Tunnel Pulp 8:13
We Are the Boyz Pulp 3:14
Separations Pulp
Separations Pulp
Separations Pulp
Separations Pulp
Separations Pulp
Separations Pulp
1984-11-11 Anorexic Beauty (Ping Pong Jerry demo) Pulp 3:03
1984-11-11 Back in LA (Ping Pong Jerry demo) Pulp ?:??
1984-11-11 Maureen (Ping Pong Jerry demo) Pulp ?:??
1984-11-11 Simultaneous (Ping Pong Jerry demo) Pulp ?:??
1984-11-11 The Mark of the Devil (Ping Pong Jerry demo) Pulp ?:??
This Is Hardcore (End of the Line remix) Pulp 2:06
Up a Tree Again (Pulp remix) Looper 5:46
Being Followed Home
Death Comes to Town
Death Goes to the Disco
Death II
Don’t You Know
Life Must Be So Wonderful
My First Wife (version 2)