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Name ISRCs Rating Length
59 Lyndhurst Grove (Black Session) (live, 1995-10-30: France Inter, Paris, France) 3:07
A Little Soul (live, 1998-07-25: Finsbury Park, London, UK) GB0700500105 4:22
After You (unreleased demo) 4:16
Anorexic Beauty (Ping Pong Jerry demo) 3:03
Do You Remember the First Time? (live, 1994-04-04: The Tramway Theatre, Glasgow, UK) 4:04
Maureen (Ping Pong Jerry demo) ?:??
My First Wife (live, 1996–1987) ?:??
My First Wife (live, 1997-07-15: The Barracuda, Nottingham, UK) ?:??
Party Hard (Tom Middleton dub mix) GBAAN9800307 7:15
Party Hard (Tom Middleton vocal mix) GBAAN9800326 6:50
Simultaneous (Ping Pong Jerry demo) ?:??
The Mark of the Devil (Ping Pong Jerry demo) ?:??
We Can Dance Again (live, 1994-12-18: Theatre Royal, London, UK) ?:??

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