collaborator on: ADCSomatic
member of: Potere Occulto
members: John Healy (Welsh techno producer)
Paul Healy (Welsh techno producer)
founded: Photon Emissions
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Photon Collisions Various Humans
One Two additional and co Enduser 5:27
Cabrini Green (Somatic Responses mix) Cdatakill 6:10
Keno (Somatic Responses Laserfunk remix) Sistol 5:49
Lost (Somatic Responses remix) Haujobb 5:42
Mimetic Somatic Responses (remix) Mimetic Data 4:47
MTA 100 (SR rebuild) ADCSomatic ?:??
Nitrous Greed (P Mode) (remix by Somatic Responses) Neutronic 8:17
Suicide Profusion (Somatic Responses remix) Solypsis 5:11
The Last Escape Pod (Somatic Responses Machine Revolt remix) Sub Space Distorters 6:18
The Snow Hill (remix by Somatic Responses) Scorn 4:44
UH.56 Gridlock 5:09
UH4.17 (rebashed by Somatic Responses) Gridlock 3:01
Unamerican Breakbeat kid606 6:23
Van Houten (Somatic Responses remix) Portland 5:56