HypocriteThe Newtown Neurotics7" Vinyl2
  • GB1979-07-06
No Wonder RecordsNoW 1[none]
When the Oil Runs OutThe Newtown Neurotics7" Vinyl2
No Wonder RecordsNoW 4[none]
Kick Out the Tories! / Mindless Violence!The Newtown Neurotics7" Vinyl2
CNT, No Wonder RecordsCNT 004, NOW 5[none]
Licensing Hours / No SanctuaryThe Newtown Neurotics7" Vinyl2
CNTCNT 010[none]
Beggars Can Be ChoosersThe Newtown Neurotics12" Vinyl10
Razor Records (UK punk label)RAZ 6[none]
Blitzkrieg BopThe Newtown Neurotics7" Vinyl3
Razor Records (UK punk label)RZS 107[none]
SuziThe Neurotics7" Vinyl2
No Wonder RecordsNOW 6[none]
SuziThe Neurotics12" Vinyl3
No Wonder RecordsNOW 6[none]
RepercussionsThe Neurotics12" Vinyl7
Jungle RecordsFREUD 7[none]
Kickstarting a Backfiring NationThe Neurotics12" Vinyl17
Jungle RecordsFREUD 10[none]
Living With UnemploymentThe Neurotics7" Vinyl3
Jungle RecordsJUNG 29[none]
Living With UnemploymentThe Neurotics12" Vinyl7
Jungle RecordsJUNG 29T[none]
Is Your Washroom Breeding Bolsheviks?The Neurotics12" Vinyl10
Jungle RecordsFREUD 195013145201916
Never ThoughtThe Neurotics12" Vinyl7
Jungle RecordsJUNG 39T
45 Revolutions Per MinuteThe Newtown Neurotics12" Vinyl13
Jungle RecordsFREUD 315013145203118
His Masters Voice: The Very Best OfThe Newtown Neurotics(unknown)18
45 Revolutions Per MinuteNewtown NeuroticsCD15
Jungle RecordsFREUD CD 0315013145203125
Beggars Can Be ChoosersThe Newtown NeuroticsCD14
Dojo RecordsDOLE CD 1115021630711123
The Punk Singles CollectionThe Newtown NeuroticsCD22
Anagram RecordsCD PUNK 915013929009127
Punk CollectionThe Newtown NeuroticsCD23
Captain Oi!AHOY CD 1635032556116329
Repercussions / Is Your Washroom Breeding BolsheviksThe NeuroticsCD18
Jungle RecordsFREUD CD 0075013145200728
Kickstarting a Backfiring NationThe NeuroticsCD23
Jungle RecordsFREUD CD 0105013145201022
Licensing Hours / No SanctuaryThe Newtown Neurotics7" Vinyl2
Mad Butcher Classics (Division of Mad Butcher Records)MBC 0334250933600518
Triumph Over AdversityThe Newtown NeuroticsCD14
Cruel BinaryCruel CD0020700461440123
Pissed as a NewtNewtown NeuroticsCD-R11
No Wonder RecordsNow CD 1[none]
Beggars Can Be ChoosersThe Newtown NeuroticsDigital Media13Razor Records (UK punk label)
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