Name ISRCs Rating Length
... & Other Stories 8:05
(Une histoire d') astronautes-marins-pêcheur... 4:07
Ceres pluto eris 1:40
Childeren 3:44
D'Invisibles Courtisants 6:35
De deux choses l'une 3:52
Fill the Turkey with Your Stupid Jokes 4:13
Fingers Are Forks 9:46
For God's Sake, Let Them Go 3:55
Fourteen Fourprints So You Changed Your Mind 4:52
Half-Sailors on Rafts 3:35
How quiet! 5:23
I Do Know Someone That Suffers From the Lack of Tea 2:56
I'm Watchin' TV - TV's Watchin' Me 4:59
Kay, Then the Fallen Branches 4:07
La Fin De L'Inertie a Pretty Bee 3:39
Marie1 & Marie2 4:25
Mars (Your nails and teeth) 4:30
Microwaves 2:45
Morning Blur 2:27
Morning Dust Soon 2:14
Personnalité H 4:11
Romarin 2:37
Sea of Roofs 4:36
Sea Shells 4:23
Searching the Pavement 3:24
Secret Side 5:36
Slaps=Wine for the Day Everything Is Alright 4:12
The bell 4:08
The Butcher's Boy 4:59
The Fifth Stage of Sleep 3:53
The Grass Divides as With a Comb 5:27
The Invitation 8:50
The Twilight Was Probably Right 5:16
The Widow: She's Always Waiting 6:28
Tout est toujours plus triste quand il fait noir 3:26
Tu sens le sommeil et les larmes 2:51
Un Quart 2:48
Washing Machines 5:46
We Used to Fear Your Voice (And the Drilling Machine) 5:11
Why Suffering from the Lack of Sea? 2:01
Wrinkled Chest 5:41
Yellow Neck 6:26

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