Legal name: Erroll Louis Garner



1946Piano (1946)Errol Garner1
1946Piano Solos (1946)Errol Garner1
1949Erroll Garner at the PianoErroll Garner1
1950Errol Garner Playing Piano Solos, Vol. 2 (album with different recordings, same rg name)Erroll Garner1
1950Erroll Garner Playing Piano SolosErroll Garner1
1950Piano MoodsErroll Garner1
1950Playing Piano Solos, Vol. 3Erroll Garner1
1950RhapsodyErroll Garner1
1951Erroll Garner, Vol. 2Erroll Garner1
1951Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1
1951Gone With GarnerErrol Garner1
1951Piano Solos (1951)Erroll Garner1
1952Overture to Dawn (The Apartment Sessions, Volume 1)Erroll Garner2
1952Overture to Dawn, Volume 2Erroll Garner1
1952Piano Solos, Vol. IIErroll Garner1
1952Passport to Fame: Erroll Garner’s First RecordingsErroll Garner1
1952Piano (1952)Erroll Garner1
1952Piano StylistErrol Garner1
1952Solo FlightErroll Garner1
1953Erroll Garner Plays for DancingErroll Garner1
1953Overture to Dawn, Volume 5Erroll Garner1
1953Overture to Dawn, Volume 4Erroll Garner1
1953Overture to Dawn, Volume 3Erroll Garner1
1954GarneringErroll Garner1
1955Afternoon of an ElfErroll Garner3
1955ContrastsErroll Garner4
1955Mambo Moves GarnerErroll Garner2
1955Music for Tired LoversWoody Herman & Erroll Garner2
1955Plays For DancingErroll Garner1
1955SolitaireErroll Garner2
1955Serenade to LauraErroll Garner3
1956Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1
1957ErrollErroll Garner1
1957GemsErroll Garner1
1957Other VoicesErroll Garner1
1957The Most Happy PianoErroll Garner1
1958Encores in Hi FiErroll Garner1
1958Gone-Garner-GonestErroll Garner1
1965Now PlayingErroll Garner1
1967That's My KickErroll Garner2
1967TurquoiseErroll Garner1
1968Up in Erroll’s RoomErroll Garner2
1970Other VoicesErroll Garner1
1972GeminiErroll Garner3
1974MagicianErroll Garner4
1974Play It Again, Erroll!Erroll Garner1
1976The Original MistyErroll Garner2
1985Plays Gershwin & KernErroll Garner2
1989The ElfErroll Garner1
1993That's My Kick and GeminiErroll Garner1
1995Magician / Gershwin and KernErroll Garner1
1996Penthouse SerenadeErroll Garner1
1997Closeup in Swing / A New Kind of LoveErroll Garner1
1998Campus Concert / Feeling Is BelievingErroll Garner1
2001Paris ImpressionsErroll Garner1
2002Erroll Garner, Solo, New York, 1944-'45Erroll Garner1
2008Singin' Kay Starr, Swingin' Erroll GarnerSingin' Kay Starr, Swingin' Erroll Garner1
2016Ready Take OneErroll Garner1
2019A New Kind of LoveErroll Garner1
2019Closeup in SwingErroll Garner1
2019DreamstreetErroll Garner1
2020MagicianErroll Garner1
2020Feeling is BelievingErroll Garner2
2022Plays MistyErroll Garner1
A Night at the MoviesErroll Garner1
The Concert GarnerErroll Garner1

Album + Compilation

1956Kings Of The KeyboardArt Tatum and Erroll Garner1
1965Serenade In BlueErroll Garner1
1970Errol Garner (1949 Savoy trio recordings)Erroll Garner3
1978YesterdaysErroll Garner1
1986Afternoon of an ElfErroll Garner1
1986Erroll's A-GarnerErroll Garner1
1987Long Ago and Far AwayErroll Garner2
19881945Erroll Garner1
1988The Erroll Garner Collection 1: Easy to LoveErroll Garner1
1989Giants of The PianoArt Tatum / Erroll Garner1
1989Soliloquy / At The PianoErroll Garner2
1989The Erroll Garner Collection 2: Dancing on the CeilingErroll Garner1
1990Compact Jazz: Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1
199019 Top TracksErroll Garner1
1990Jazz 'Round MidnightErroll Garner1
1990YesterdaysErroll Garner1
1991Body & SoulErroll Garner3
1991PastelErroll Garner1
1993Bounce With MeErroll Garner1
1993Separate KeyboardsErroll Garner, Billy Taylor1
1994The Essence of Erroll GarnerErroll Garner1
1994Verve Jazz Masters 7Erroll Garner1
1995Dreamstreet & One World Concert (Dreamstreet & One World Concert)Erroll Garner1
1995Night and DayErroll Garner1
1995The Chronological Classics: Erroll Garner 1944Erroll Garner1
1995The Chronological Classics: Erroll Garner 1944, Volume 2Erroll Garner1
1995The Chronological Classics: Erroll Garner 1944, Volume 3Erroll Garner1
1996A Night at the Movies / Up in Erroll's RoomErroll Garner1
1996This Is Jazz 13Erroll Garner1
1996The Chronological Classics: Erroll Garner 1944-1945Erroll Garner1
1997The Chronological Classics: Erroll Garner 1945-1946Erroll Garner1
1998The Complete Savoy Master TakesErroll Garner2
1998Jazz & Blues: Django & ErrollErroll Garner1
1998Play Piano PlayErroll Garner1

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