Kirsty and Katie Lawrence (Isle of Man folk duo)

~ Group



Name ISRCs Rating Length
A tune for Grandad 2:17
Flitterdance/Eunyssagh Vona 5:30
Fringe-o-Rama/Louis' First Christmas/The Loft Dwellers 4:10
Graih Foalsey 3:37
Injebreck/Wayne's Tune/Peacocks and Pillows/Zorro Beg 5:27
Kinsale Beach 3:42
Master Crowley's/Lough Mountain/Bunker Hill 4:20
O Kirree T'ou Goll/Cum y Chenn yn Oamrey Cheh/Jerry yn Theil 4:02
Rosie and Andy's Mad Tune/Peter O'Tavy 5:29
Sergeant Early's Dream/The Graf Spee 3:46
Ta Dick Veg er Yannoo Mie/Shenayre/Ta Cashen Ersooyl 3:07
The Ghost of Cashen's Gap 3:53

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