Cosmic Trigger (Collaborative project of three UK acid techno producers)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Cosmic Eruption 8:20
E-Spot - Weathermen (remix) 7:49
E-Spot - Weathermen (remix) 5:39
Firefight 5:00
Firefight 8:17
Firefight 8:21
Ghost of Acid 8:30
Marauder 8:25
The 'E' Spot 7:08
The E Spot 2:57
The E-Spot (Beamish's 35 and Still Avin' It mix) 7:19
The E-Spot (Curly's dirty house mix) 6:00
The E-Spot (Weathermen's Gun in Your Face remix) 9:45
The Oracle 8:43
The Oracle 8:19

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