Awkward (United Kingdom electronic/hip-hop/producer)

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Awkward's Hallucinations Hundred Strong feat. Awkward 2:44
Brokt Awkward 2:55
Bust Out The Loop Acid Reign & Awkward 3:08
Change of Plan (Kill Everyone) Awkward 3:31
Defend a Bad Heart Awkward 4:31
Generation Fresh Acid Reign & Awkward feat. Express Fresh 3:23
Give Smack a Chance Awkward 6:31
Hype Kills Acid Reign & Awkward feat. Lyricon 3:49
Hype Kills (Awkward Alternate Mix) Acid Reign & Awkward feat. Lyricon 3:51
Hype Kills (Willie Green Death From Above Remix) Acid Reign & Awkward feat. Lyricon 4:17
I Have Friends and Am Not Afraid to Use Them Awkward 4:30
Method Of Madness Acid Reign & Awkward feat. Upword, Myk Mansun, Express Fresh & Lyricon 3:29
Only on Sand Did I Feel I Could Sleep Forever, Did I Feel That Sleep Could Be a Destination Awkward 7:27
Pink Triangle Awkward 5:08
Sayin Nathen Awkward 3:21
Sedatif Awkward 5:27
Sword Lies Broken Hundred Strong feat. Task Force & Awkward 4:40
Terrain Vagues Awkward 4:10
The Last Punch Awkward 3:06
The Smell of Opening Doors Awkward 3:08
Untitledone Awkward 6:03
Untitledtwo Awkward 5:00

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