Virgin Steele

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Desert Plains 3 4:52
Devil/Angel 4:18
Devil/Angel 4:17
Devilhead 5:22
Do You Walk With God 4:54
Dominion Day 6:35
Dominion Day 6:35
Don't Close Your Eyes 5:08
Don't Say Goodbye (Tonight) 4:42
Don't Say Goodbye (Tonight) 3 4:23
Down by the River 5:44
Drive on Thru 3:03
Drive on Thru (new mix) 3:12
Drive on Thru (original mix) 3:13
Dust From the Burning 4:32
Dust From The Burning 4:33
Emalaith 9:53
Emalaith 9:54
Emalaith 9:52
Emalaith 4:29
Eternal Regret 9:02
Eyes Without a Face (live acoustic rehearsal version) 4:25
Eyes Without A Face (Live Acoustic Rehearsal Version) 4:25
Fallen Angels 6:05
Fantasy and Fugue in D Minor (The Death of Orestes) 4:22
Fight Tooth and Nail 2 3:32
Fight Tooth and Nail (live Pre-Production rehearsal) 3:18
Fight Tooth and Nail (Roman Sword re-mix) 3:34
Fire of Ecstasy 5:16
Flames of the Black Star (The Arrows of Herakles) 3 6:30
Flames of Thy Power (From Blood They Rise) 5:38
Flames of Thy Power (From Blood They Rise) 5:38
Flesh & Blood (rare never released demo) 4:41
Flesh And Blood (Rare Never Released Demo) 4:41
Forever Will I Roam 5:20
From a Whisper to a Scream (The Spoken Biography) 30:42
From Chaos to Creation 1:44
From Chaos To Creation 1:44
Funeral Games 7:28
G minor Invention (Descent Into Death's Twilight Kingdom) 4 2:58
Garden of Lamentation 1:48
Gate of Kings 3:45
Gate of Kings 6:35
Glamour 5:19
Go All the Way 3:11
Go Down Fighting 3:31
God Above God 7:15
God Above God 7:13
God Above God 7:13
God of Our Sorrows 1:19
God Of Our Sorrows 1:20
God of Violence Kill 4:35
Great Sword of Flame 4:29
Great Sword of Flame 4:31
Great Sword Of Flame 2:04
Guardians of the Flame 6:44
Guardians of the Flame 6:45
Halloween Theme 1:20
Haunted Wolfshine 6:14
Haunting the Last Hours 0:54
Haunting The Last Hours 0:55
Hell or High Water 3:16
Hellfire Woman 6:56
Hot and Wild 4:05
House of Dust 4:05
Hymn to the Gods of Night 0:47
Hymns to Damnation 6:55
I Am the One 3:49
I Am the One 3:47
I Dress in Black 4:46
I Dress In Black (Woman With No Shadow) 4:46
I Dress in Black (Woman With No Shadow) (rare New York mix) 4:43
I Dress In Black (Woman With No Shadow) (Rare New York Mix) 4:44
I Wake Up Screaming 3 4:37
I Wake Up Screaming (live) 5:06
I Wake Up Screaming (Live) 5:05
I Will Come for You 4 5:45
I Will Come For You 3:10
I'm on Fire 3 3:56
I'm on Fire (live Pre-Production rehearsal) 3:25
Image of a Faun at Twilight 1:16
Immortal I Stand (The Birth of Adam) 3 6:34
Immortal I Stand (The Birth of Adam) 6:33
Immortal I Stand (The Birth of Adam) 6:33
In a Dream of Fire 5:57
In the Arms of the Death God 1:20
In The Arms Of The Death God 1:20
In the Arms of the Death God / Through Blood and Fire 6:51
In Triumph or Tragedy 1:43
Interview 6:42
Invictus 5:35
Invictus 5:35
Invitation 1:16
Invitation 1:16
Invitation (rare New York mix) 1:13
Invitation (Rare New York Mix) 1:14
Iphigenia in Hades 2:01
Jet Black 3 4:13
Jet Black 4:13
Jet Black (live acoustic rehearsal version) 4:18

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