Tom Frager

~ Person


Better DaysTom FragerDigital Media15
  • FR2009-06-29
Better DaysTom FragerCD15
  • FR2010-05-24
Universal Records (1996–2005 American pop label – “RECORDS” must be a part of the logo!)600753275085
Betters DaysTom FragerCD17
  • FR2010-06-16
AZ (subsidiary of Universal Music Group, established 2002)532 910-9600753291092
Carnet de routeTom FragerCD12
  • FR2013-08-26
[PIAS] France (PIASF catalog numbers)5414939563027
Au large des villesTom FragerCD15
  • FR2019-06-28
Gwayav' Records
Et toiLeonie feat. Léa Paci, Tom Frager & Barry MooreDigital Media1
RCA Group886448413387
Better DaysTom FragerCD13AZ (subsidiary of Universal Music Group, established 2002)600753204399
Better DaysTom FragerCD18
Je ne suis pas vraiment jalouxTom FragerCD14
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