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original members: Dr. Heathen Scum (bass guitar) (1976-05 –)
Sickie Wifebeater (guitar) (1976-05 –)
El Duce (drums) (1976-05 – 1997-04-19)
El Duce (lead vocals) (1976-05 – 1997-04-19)
has personal label: Mentor Records (vanity label for the band Mentors)
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Date Title Artist Length
Adultery Mentors 6:24
Couch Test Casting Mentors 4:34
Heterosexuals Have the Right to Rock Mentors 5:27
On the Rag Mentors 5:14
S.F.C.C. Mentors 3:29
Secretary Hump Mentors 5:27
Up the Dose Mentors 4:53
White Trash Women Mentors 3:55
To the Max Mentors