Scott Poole (Portland, Oregon poet)

~ Artist



Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Walk In The Spring 0:46
After The Vasectomy 1:34
Argument Over the Nightlight 0:54
Blame The Lunchmeat 1:33
Breaking Down 1:18
Charles Manson's Mom 1:17
Dead Enough 1:19
Domestic Scene Depicting A Loaf of Bread In An Emergency 1:59
Driving Behind The Plant 0:51
Fluorescent Lights 0:45
For Alkaeus 1:20
For The Brother I Never Had 1:03
Gentle Majesty 1:39
I Know Why The Applaus Plant Grows 0:42
Insane 0:45
Love Story At Marvin Gardens 0:47
My Small Business 1:49
My Suggestion 1:42
No Mood 0:53
Now That I'm Done 1:35
Obsession 1:09
The Beginning of Our Understanding 1:08
The Ex-Pornstar Retirement Center 1:18
The Friend Who Went Crazy 0:48
The Happiness Lamp 0:38
The Second Coming 0:54
The Sexy Shakers 5:01
To My First Love 0:31
Turkey in Phoenix 0:46
Walking Targets 1:08
Why I Am Suppose To Let It Ring 0:47
Why I Love My Garage Door Opener 0:54
Why I Won't Be Buying Rogaine 1:06

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