Majestic (Swedish Neo classic, progressive Power Metal band)

~ Group



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Abstract Symphony Majestic 1:42
Approaching the Storm Majestic ?:??
Black Moon Rising Majestic 3:40
Blood of the Tail Majestic 4:29
Ceasefire Majestic 5:06
Chariots Majestic 11:10
Confisicus Majestic ?:??
Creeping in the Dark (Armand van Helden radio mix) Majestic & Jungle 70 3:23
Crimson Sun Majestic 4:25
Curtain of Fire Majestic ?:??
Entering the Arena Majestic ?:??
Epsilon I: Event Horizon Majestic 8:42
Epsilon II: Doorways Majestic 7:38
Epsilon III: Samskaras Majestic 7:22
Epsilon IV. Generations Majestic 5:32
Epsilon IX. Welcome Home Majestic 2:15
Epsilon V. The River (Eridanus) Majestic 10:30
Epsilon VI. Incandescence Majestic 7:49
Epsilon VII. Ancient Echos Majestic 5:12
Epsilon VIII. The Journey Back Majestic 6:10
Epsilon X. Convergence Majestic 11:56
Epsilon XI. Rise Majestic 6:38
Epsilon XII. Fade Majestic 6:07
Golden Sea Majestic 5:40
Golden Sea Majestic 5:15
Golden Sea Majestic 5:41
I'll Shoot the Moon Majestic ?:??
Losers Shades of Hell Majestic 4:49
Medieval Nights Majestic 3:26
Mother Dearest Majestic 9:29
Nitro Pitbull Majestic 4:55
Resurrection Majestic ?:??
Seekers Battlefield Majestic 3:36
Shadows From Beyond Majestic 3:36
Silence Majestic 5:09
Standing Alone Majestic 5:21
Starlight Majestic 10:20
The Breath of Horus Majestic ?:??
The Rapture of Canaan Majestic ?:??
Trinity Overture Majestic ?:??
Voodoo Treasure Majestic ?:??

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