Ged Lynch

~ Person


member of:Big Dog
Black Grape
Rhodes (David Rhodes band) (membranophone)
Ruthless Rap Assassins (British hip-hop group)
The Icicle Works (in 1989)
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A Sense of HomepercussionPeter Gabriel2:00
Badluck QueenpercussionLes Rita Mitsouko4:23
Be MinepercussionRHODES5:15
Be Minedrums (drum set)RHODES5:15
Big Bone to ChewpercussionLes Rita Mitsouko4:21
CloudlesspercussionPeter Gabriel4:49
CloudlessmembranophonePeter Gabriel4:49
Communic' Hearts in LovepercussionLes Rita Mitsouko3:47
Crossing the Salt PanpercussionPeter Gabriel5:08
DarknesspercussionPeter Gabriel6:52
DaydreampercussionLes Rita Mitsouko3:38
Diggin' the NewmembranophoneJoe Strummer & the Mescaleros3:08
Ding Dang Dong (Rolling on the Floor)percussionLes Rita Mitsouko3:40
Even If (Même si)percussionLes Rita Mitsouko3:33
Everything Comes From YoumembranophoneBig Blue Ball4:42
Go Away Mr. EvanspercussionPeter Gabriel5:15
Go Away Mr. EvansmembranophonePeter Gabriel5:15
Gracie’s RecapturemembranophonePeter Gabriel4:40
Grinding WheelpercussionRHODES4:51
Grinding Wheeldrums (drum set)RHODES4:51
Growing UppercussionPeter Gabriel7:35
Growing Updrums (drum set)Peter Gabriel7:35
I GrievepercussionPeter Gabriel7:25
If I Could Empty My Headdrums (drum set)RHODES3:19
If I Could Empty My HeadpercussionRHODES3:19
Island Jamdrums (drum set)David Gilmour6:33
Island Jamdrums (drum set)David Gilmour6:32
JigalongpercussionPeter Gabriel4:03
JigalongmembranophonePeter Gabriel4:03
LullabypercussionLes Rita Mitsouko2:44
Lust for Lifedrums (drum set) and percussionTom Jones with The Pretenders3:43
Make Tomorrowdrums (drum set)Peter Gabriel10:03
Mayor of Your TownmembranophoneLeona Naess3:48
Monkey on My BackpercussionRHODES3:35
Monkey on My Backdrums (drum set)RHODES3:35
Moodoo’s SecretmembranophonePeter Gabriel3:03
More Than Thisdrums (drum set)Peter Gabriel6:04
More Than ThispercussionPeter Gabriel6:04
My Blue Balloondrums (drum set)RHODES4:52
My Blue BalloonpercussionRHODES4:52
My Head Sounds Like ThatpercussionPeter Gabriel6:31
Ngankarrparni (Sky Blue – reprise)percussionPeter Gabriel6:02
Ngankarrparni (Sky Blue – reprise)membranophonePeter Gabriel6:02
No Way OutpercussionPeter Gabriel7:56
Paris FrancepercussionLes Rita Mitsouko3:31
Pollen Pathdrums (drum set)David Sylvian3:26
Running to the RainpercussionPeter Gabriel3:19
Running to the RainmembranophonePeter Gabriel3:19
She Drives Me Crazydrums (drum set)Tom Jones with Zucchero3:35
She's a CameleonpercussionLes Rita Mitsouko3:45
Ship of FoolspercussionRHODES5:35
Ship of Foolsdrums (drum set)RHODES5:35
Signal to NoisepercussionPeter Gabriel7:36
Sky BluepercussionPeter Gabriel6:40
So Called FriendpercussionLes Rita Mitsouko3:53
Stealing the ChildrenpercussionPeter Gabriel3:20
Stealing the Childrentom-tom [toms]Peter Gabriel3:20
Take a Breath (album version)drums (drum set)David Gilmour5:46
Techno D-daymembranophoneJoe Strummer & the Mescaleros4:08
Terminal BeautypercussionLes Rita Mitsouko feat. Serj Tankian4:03
Thalheimdrums (drum set)David Sylvian6:09
The Barry Williams ShowpercussionPeter Gabriel7:18
The Barry Williams Showdrums (drum set)Peter Gabriel7:18
The Time of the TurningshakersPeter Gabriel5:06
Three Is EverythingpercussionRHODES4:11
Three Is Everythingdrums (drum set)RHODES4:11
Timedrums (drum set)RHODES3:32
Time You CallpercussionLes Rita Mitsouko3:16
Waggle DancepercussionRHODES4:32
Waggle Dancedrums (drum set)RHODES4:32
Wanderlustdrums (drum set)David Sylvian6:44
Yalla YallamembranophoneJoe Strummer & the Mescaleros6:57
You Are the North Winddrums (drum set)RHODES2:47
You Are the North WindpercussionRHODES2:47
Bending the Darkadditional, guest and percussionThe Imagined Village
It’s Great When You’re Straight… Yeahdrums (drum set) and percussionBlack Grape
It’s Great When You’re Straight… Yeahdrums (drum set) and percussionBlack Grape
Middle of Nowheredrums (drum set)Hanson
Middle of NowherepercussionHanson
Nádúrguest and percussionClannad
Nádúrdrums (drum set) [drums] and guestClannad
Raise the Pressureguest and percussionElectronic
Raise the Pressureguest and percussionElectronic
Raise the Pressureguest and percussionElectronic
This Time Aroundadditional and percussionHanson