Aborym (Italian industrial black metal band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
10050 Cielo Drive Aborym ?:??
A Dog-Eat-Dog World Aborym FR33T0512303 5:08
A.T.W.A. (All the Way Alive) Aborym 3:53
Across the Universe Aborym 4 5:41
Antichristian Codec (intro) Aborym 0:31
Armageddon (intro) Aborym FR33T0512301 1:13
Automatik Rave'olution Aborym Aborym 3:34
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Aborym FR33T0512307 4:09
Big H Aborym ?:??
Black Hole Spell Aborym 5:12
Bleedthrough Aborym 4 3:33
Chernobyl Generation Aborym 6:04
Come Thou Long Expected Jesus Aborym 2:23
Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd cover) Aborym 5 6:32
Darka Mysteria Aborym 4:55
Decadence in a Nutshell Aborym ?:??
Det som en gang var Aborym 9:17
Digital Goat Mask (rough mix) Aborym 6:17
Digital Goat Masque Aborym 6:09
Dirty Aborym 4 3:50
Dirty (Hellektro Apocalypse remix by XP8) Aborym 5:39
Disgust and Rage (Sic transit gloria mundi) Aborym FR33T0512302 5:53
Does Not Compute Aborym 4:05
Does Not Compute 1.2 (Captain Morgan version by Aborym) Aborym 4:41
Face the Reptile Aborym 5 5:45
Faustian Spirit of the Earth Aborym 5:26
Fire Walk With Us! Aborym 6:57
Fire Walk With Us! (new version) Aborym 5 6:48
For a Better Past Aborym ?:??
Generator Aborym FR33T0512305 2 5:45
Going Places Aborym ?:??
Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden cover) Aborym 3 6:03
Hellraiser Aborym 4:16
Helter Skelter Youth Aborym 4 4:26
Helter Skelter Youth (Nihilistic Bastard remix by Mortiis) Aborym 5:07
Helter Skelter Youth (Pervy remix by Kaoma Mega of Throne of Molok) Aborym 4 3:01
Helter Skelter Youth (Stigmata remix by Biomechanical Christ of Red Sector A) Aborym 4:28
Here Is No God Aborym 4:29
Here Is No God S.T.A. Aborym 4:14
Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor Aborym 2:09
Horrenda peccata Christi Aborym 6:28
Horrenda Peccata Christi Aborym 6:27
Humechanics-Virus Aborym 4:56
Hurt (Nine Inch Nails cover) Aborym 2 4:55
I Aborym FR33T1022501 1:59
I Don't Know Aborym 5 4:44
I Don't Know (The Blackbirds II remix by Emiliano Natali) Aborym 4:25
I Reject! Aborym FR33T0512309 3:15
II Aborym FR33T1022502 5:03
III Aborym FR33T1022503 4:05
Irreversible Crisis Aborym 4 4:25
Irreversible Crisis (Rotten Core remix by RG Narchost) Aborym 5:32
Irreversible Crisis (Tanz mit Aborym remix by Kingdom) Aborym 4:16
IV Aborym FR33T1022504 4:36
IX Aborym FR33T1022509 2:48
Love the Death as the Life Aborym 6:08
Love the Death as the Life RMX (unreleased RMX version) Aborym 5:39
Man Bites God Aborym FR33T0512308 7:13
Me(n)tal Striken Terror Action 2 Aborym 4:31
Metal Striken Terror Action Aborym 3:56
Metal Striken Terror Action Aborym 3:56
Need for Limited Loss Aborym 3 5:19
Our Sentence Aborym 6:41
Out of Shell Aborym 4:34
Praise the Beast Aborym 3:22
Praise the Beast Aborym 3:19
Precarious Aborym ?:??
Raped by Daddy Aborym 5 5:43
Roma divina urbs Aborym 8:59
Roma divina urbs (new version) Aborym 5 8:50
Ruinrama Kolossal S.P.Q.R. (Satanic Pollution - Qliphotic Rage) Aborym FR33T0512304 6:25
Slipping Through the Cracks Aborym ?:??
Sol Sigillum Aborym 3:48
Suffer Catalyst Aborym FR33T0512306 5:23
Tantra Bizarre Aborym 4:12
Tantra Bizarre (Co30 version) Aborym 4:08
The Alienation of a Blackened Heart Aborym 2:49
The Black Deicide Aborym 3:35
The Black Deicide Aborym 3:23
The Day the Sun Stopped Shining Aborym 4 5:33
The Factory of Death Aborym 4 7:22
The First Four Trumpets Aborym 7:01
The First Four Trumpets Aborym 7:00
The New System Victor Love feat. Aborym 4:06
The Triumph Aborym 9:59
Theta Paranoia Aborym 5:36
Total Black Aborym 4:42
Tragedies for Sale Aborym ?:??
U.V. Impaler Aborym 3:24
Unblemished Ceremony Aborym 3:03
Unburied Souls Under the Moon Aborym 1:22
Unpleasantness Aborym ?:??
V Aborym FR33T1022505 5:40
Vertigo Luciferi Aborym 5:20
VI Aborym FR33T1022506 6:14
VII Aborym FR33T1022507 5:12
VIII Aborym FR33T1022508 2:31
Wehrmacht Kali Ma Aborym 4:03
Wehrmacht Kali Ma Aborym 4:02
White Space Aborym 4:12

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