Walls (abstract electronic duo)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Very Large Metal Box Walls/Oram 2:13
A Virus Waits Walls 2:44
Altai Walls 4:41
As It Is in Gems, and Prisms Walls/Oram 6:18
Austerlitz Wide Open Walls 3:19
Burnt Sienna Walls 6:01
Burnt Sienna Walls ?:??
Cylopean Remains Walls 4:10
Default - Walls Remix Django Django & Walls 6:51
Drunken Galleon Walls 4:34
Ecstasy Walls 4:34
Ecstatic Truth Walls 3:47
Extremely Long Corridor Walls/Oram 3:47
Gaberdine Walls 3:05
Gaberdine Walls 2:10
Gaberdine (Gerd Janson & Prins Thomas Remix) Walls 9:07
Gaberdine (Nathan Fake Ambient version) Walls ?:??
Gaberdine (Walls Edit) Walls 6:28
Hang Four Walls 3:49
Hang Four (Allez Allez remix) Walls 5:20
Hang Four (Allez-Allez mix) Walls 5:14
Hang Four (Banjo or Freakout remix) Walls 4:36
Hang Four (Loose Fit remix) Walls 6:47
Hang Four (The Field's Macarena remix) Walls 7:56
Hang Four (Xaver von Treyer remix) Walls 6:52
Heat Haze Walls 4:30
I Can't Give You Anything But Love Walls 5:11
Il Tedesco Walls 3:36
Into Our Midst Walls 7:21
Into Our Midst Walls ?:??
Into Our Midst (part of “Masterpiece: Created By Andrew Weatherall” DJ-mix) Walls 6:34
Moon Eye Walls 6:46
Moon Eye Walls 6:45
Orchards and Gardens Walls/Oram 4:51
Radiance Walls 7:28
Raw Umber/Twilight Walls 5:57
Reflecting the Voice Walls/Oram 1:43
Reflexions, Refractions, and Multiplications Walls/Oram 5:01
Rendering the Voice I Walls/Oram 1:50
Rendering the Voice Ii Walls/Oram 1:41
Soft Cover People Walls 4:14
Some Shriller, and Some Deeper Walls/Oram 4:23
Strange Lines, and Distances Walls/Oram 4:21
Strawberry Sect Walls 1:52
Strawberry Sect Walls 1:52
Sunporch Walls 6:21
Sunporch Walls ?:??
Sunporch (reprise) Walls ?:??
Tight Spots Walls ?:??
Tongue Pad Walls 4:07
Urals Walls 6:52
Vacant Walls 4:46
Voluta Walls 4:16

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