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members: Magne Furuholmen
Morten Harket
Paul Waaktaar-Savoy
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Date Title Artist Length
#9 Dream a‐ha 4:07
And You Tell Me a‐ha 1:52
Here I Stand and Face the Rain a‐ha 4:31
I Dream Myself Alive a‐ha 3:10
Love Is Reason a‐ha 3:07
Take On Me a‐ha 3:47
The Blue Sky a‐ha 2:37
The Sun Always Shines on T.V. a‐ha 5:09
Train of Thought a‐ha 4:14
1986 Cry Wolf a‐ha 4:07
#9 Dream a‐ha 4:07
All the Planes That Come in on the Quiet a‐ha 3:05
And You Tell Me (demo) a‐ha 1:54
And You Tell Me (demo version) a‐ha 1:55
Dot the I a‐ha 3:22
Driftwood a‐ha 3:05
Go to Sleep a‐ha 2:13
Here I Stand and Face the Rain (demo) a‐ha 3:53
Hunting High and Low (demo) a‐ha 3:08
I Dream Myself Alive (demo) (USWB11506508) a‐ha 3:04
Lesson One (Autumn 1982 demo) a‐ha 2:41
Living a Boy's Adventure Tale (Nærsnes demo) a‐ha 3:47
Love Is Reason a‐ha 3:07
Love Is Reason (demo) a‐ha 2:23
Love Is Reason (early mix) a‐ha 3:01
Monday Mourning a‐ha 3:07
Nå blåser det på jorden (Nærsnes demo) a‐ha 2:36
Never Never a‐ha 3:16
Nothing to It a‐ha 3:43
Presenting Lily Mars (Nærsnes demo) a‐ha 2:59
Presenting Lily Mars (Rendezvous demo) a‐ha 3:28
Stop and Make Your Mind Up a‐ha 3:02
Take On Me (demo) a‐ha 3:11
The Blue Sky (2nd demo) a‐ha 3:18
The Blue Sky (demo) a‐ha 3:27
The Living Daylights a‐ha 4:14
The Love Goodbye a‐ha 3:24
The Sphinx (Nærsnes demo) a‐ha 3:28
The Sun Always Shines on T.V. (demo) a‐ha 4:08
Train of Thought (demo) a‐ha 4:19
What's That You're Doing to Yourself a‐ha 2:38
You Have Grown Thoughtful Again a‐ha 2:30