A Certain Ratio (English post-punk band)

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1980The Graveyard and the BallroomA Certain Ratio4
1981To Each…A Certain Ratio6
1982SextetA Certain Ratio7
1982I'd Like to See You AgainA Certain Ratio3
1986ForceA Certain Ratio4
1989Good TogetherA Certain Ratio1
1990MCRA Certain Ratio1
1992Up in DownsvilleA Certain Ratio2
1994Looking for A Certain RatioA Certain Ratio2
1996Change the StationA Certain Ratio2
2008Mind Made UpA Certain Ratio3
2020ACR LocoA Certain Ratio2

Album + Compilation

1986The Old & The NewA Certain Ratio1
2002EarlyA Certain Ratio1
2018ACR:SetA Certain Ratio4
2019ACR:BoxA Certain Ratio2

Album + Live

1986Live in AmericaA Certain Ratio2


1979All Night PartyA Certain Ratio1
1980Shack UpA Certain Ratio4
1980FlightA Certain Ratio1
1981WaterlineA Certain Ratio1
1982Guess Who?A Certain Ratio1
1982Knife Slits WaterA Certain Ratio2
1983I Need Someone ToniteACR1
1984BraziliaA Certain Ratio1
1984Life's a ScreamA Certain Ratio1
1985Wild PartyA Certain Ratio1
1986Mickey Way (The Candy Bar)A Certain Ratio1
1987BootsyA Certain Ratio1
1989Backs to the WallA Certain Ratio1
1989The Big EA Certain Ratio1
1989Won't Stop Loving YouA Certain Ratio5
1989Your Blue EyesA Certain Ratio1
2003Fila Brazillia Versus A Certain RatioA Certain Ratio3
2020Always in LoveA Certain Ratio4


1981Do the DuA Certain Ratio1
1986Greetings FourA Certain Ratio1
1990Four for the FloorA Certain Ratio4
2021ACR:EPAA Certain Ratio1
2021ACR:EPRA Certain Ratio1

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