Shift (power electronics from UK)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Life Punctuated by Violence (Matthew 10:34) Shift / Koufar 3:42
Burying Your Children Instead of Them Burying You (Matthew 19:14) Shift / Koufar 5:54
Circling Raptor Shift 3:30
Crying Shift 12:10
Eternally Hopeful About Endless Massacres (Psalm 109) Shift / Koufar 3:36
Everything You Are Will Be Destroyed Shift 16:22
God, Family, Nation (Exodus 20:12) Shift / Koufar 2:29
Gravity Unbounds Shift ?:??
Look Now Shift 15:21
Oh, What a War It Is Shift 3:47
Opponent of Arab Nationalism (Eternal Snobbery) Shift / Koufar 3:59
Rising Shift 4:41
Sectarianism Now, Sectarianism Forever (Numbers 16:21) Shift / Koufar 6:17
Shelter Shift 6:02
Stay Angry Shift 6:40
Talons Nesting, Awaiting, in the Shade (Matthew 17:20) Shift / Koufar 4:29
Tearing Up the French Mandate (Matthew 21:12) Shift / Koufar 4:08
The Greatest Ecstasy Shift 5:41
The Raptors Talons Tore Their Flesh I Shift 6:51
The Raptors Talons Tore Their Flesh II Shift 2:12
The Rock on Which Lebanon Was to Be Built (Matthew 7:24:27) Shift / Koufar 2:36
The Route to All Evil Shift 4:29
They Don’t Suffer Enough Shift 8:34
To Rid Them All and to Wash Their Filth From My Body (edit) Shift 3:32
Unable to Abide the Silence of the World Shift 12:41
Unenmeshings Shift ?:??
Wipe Them Out Shift 7:35

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