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Bring me back my ball before I start crying and go tell my mom ?:??
Do you remember that dream you told me about last spring? ?:??
Happy birthday Aaron. This is your present. Put your shoes and dance ?:??
I always knew it was gonna happen to you before this summer ?:??
I love it when you take me to the beach on your brand new motorbike ?:??
Melting ice all over the place. This is the warming age and I'm not ready ?:??
Much better when you smile and wink an eye before you leave ?:??
Please let me get you a new turntable. You are spoiling all my records ?:??
The seal and the ball ain't always the same, don't you understand? ?:??
There's no time, here it Is: The onion's rebellion ?:??
This is not my cup of tea, but I'll get along with it. Just trust me. ?:??
Walking the dog by the pool I realized that I'd missed something ?:??

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